Young Argentinian sells NFT collection to pay for his cancer treatment

Luis Arregui Henk, a young Argentine-Hungarian learned to program and design in 3D to create works of art using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to auction them and raise enough money to undergo cancer treatment, according to a local media outlet. Argentina.

Arregui was diagnosed in 2019 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a type of cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow. The following year he underwent a successful operation thanks to the fact that he got a donor for the bone marrow transplant, however the disease attacked again and Currently there is no donor worldwide to undergo a new transplant, so Arregui is looking for new alternatives through cryptocurrencies.

Arregui sells his NFT works to fight cancer

The young man posted a video on Instagram saying he had 3 options:

Do nothing and wait and the disease will disappear

Wait for a bone marrow donor to show up

Pay for a cancer treatment called CAR-T Cell.

This treatment “they say is the future of cancer treatment”, which is being carried out in the US and Europe but is excessively expensive (around $ 500,000). However, that is the best option according to the doctors so that the cancer does not spread.

“They genetically modify white cells so that they can find and destroy leukemia cells and fight the disease”

Therefore, to raise the money for the treatment, Arregui took his computer while in the hospital and began to watch videos on YouTube to learn how to design in 3D and create an NFT at the same time that they gave him an intravenous treatment so that the disease would not spread rapidly.



In this way, What one day started as “fun” for him became a real means of overcoming cancer and even help other people who are going through the same situation.

“My idea was to generate something to give to the person who is helping me. During these months of treatment in the hospital, I was watching videos on YouTube of how to program and design things in 3D “

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If you do not need the money obtained through the NFTs, Arregui will donate it to another person

The young man said that if he got a bone marrow donor to operate again, the money obtained through the auction of his works would be donated to another person who really needs it, so the buyer of his works would be helping to “save the life of two people at the same time “

Anyone who wants to help can do so from the NFT Opensea exchange platform, where Arregui will be auctioning his 50 works through the nickname of MrFarkasOfficial to overcome his fight against cancer.

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