NFT Radar – The Canine Cartel is at 3.8k HODLers & climbing

They call themselves the wildest pack of mutts to ever run on the blockchain, and on August 24th they lived up to their name by selling out in 51 minutes, moving 500ETH in the process. Since then they’ve racked roughly 800ETH in secondary sales and nearly doubled their unique holder count from 2000 to 3800. And when you take a closer look at the project, it’s clear why.

“It’s not just another generative 10k art community”, said Chaitenya Gupta, Co-Founder of The DeFi Network, the team behind the project, “The Canine Cartel brings a level of storytelling, customization, and gamification that is changing the game for what these 10k projects can be, something our ‘Cartel Lifers’ already understand.”

With much of the price action on these pfp projects being driven by flippers, it’s refreshing to find one that’s built their strategy around creating long-term value for their holders. 

[The Casino – A roadmap activation unlocked later in September]

On their Discord you’ll often hear the tongue in cheek phrase: ”Getting in is easy, getting out won’t be good for your health” but most really aren’t interested in leaving anyways. To see why, let’s dive deeper.

Their innovative roadmap promises naming & tattooing your Canine, an exclusive casino, a 10ETH donation to dog charities, and quite a lot more. And with Name Your Mutt coming out yesterday and the casino launching this month, it’s clear The DeFi Network intends to follow through on their ambitious plans. They’ve even gone above and beyond, announcing Lowrider NFTs to be airdropped to all holders later this month.

On top of all of that, the developing Canine Cartel storyline has had members hooked from the beginning. Leveraging their engaging backstory, they teased a war with The Cat Resistance by secretly dropping 10 rare Cat NFTs on mint day (one of which sold for 21ETH recently) and now holders are waiting for some type of cat army that will be dropped in the future—certain to spell trouble for these Canines.

[#230 – The rare Chimera Cat that sold for 21ETH]

With a fully-doxxed team, an innovative roadmap, and a storyline that has the potential to take them far beyond it, It’s clear why so many are diamond handing these pups—The Canine Cartel is a blue chip brand in the making.

You can check out more about the project at and learn more about the team behind it at

Or, if you’ve heard enough and are ready to ape in, head to their OpenSea and give your new family a howl in The Cigar Lounge, an exclusive chat in their Discord:

Written by : Benny Steele

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