What is Kiki City?

Kiki City is one of the first NFT, browser-based, MMO metaverse games! To gain access to Kiki City, you must own at least one of the 10,000 Kikis. If you’ve played Gaia Online, it’s similar to that! We are currently in public Alpha, and will be moving to a ‘holders only’ Beta on the launch of the Kiki City NFTs. What is there to do in Kiki City? In our current early development stage you can hang out with other Kikis online, chat with one another, level up your boost perk to start boosting around the map. There are snowballs to be thrown, mazes to get lost in, drinks to drink, and of course a Laser Tag arena where you can shoot your friends! As we continue developing alongside our community, we will be adding NPCs with unique quests, expanding the map, adding stats that are tied to your token, making your ingame character match your PFP traits, apartments, in-game and Polygon items, and so much more! We even have a billboard where you can promote your own NFTs!

Community has always been a huge part of the Kiki City idea. We started out as an artist collective, helping promote our friends work, collaborating with each other, while we would cover minting costs. There is SO MUCH incredible talent in this space, but it can be hard to break through the noise and be seen. Our goal from the beginning is to share the spotlight and help our community succeed. Over time that grew to over 150 artists, with over $40,000 earned, and so we decided to launch the Kiki City NFT project! We will be interacting closely with our community to make sure that we are building a game that is fun to play, but also a platform that serves to boost our community as much as possible.

Our community is filled with Kiki fans, NFT enthusiasts, and creatives that all support each other through inspiration and collaboration. With the help of @flashfoxart, @BLAKKMASSART, @Mortem_crawler, @FrankPoncelet, @profgrosvenor, @thehienaart, and @mrproximity_ we have created a NEW way to engage and have fun in the NFT space!

When is Kiki City releasing?

TUNA Pass Minting: Until November 25th!
Kiki Presale Minting: November 26th – 30th!
Kiki Public sale Minting: December 1st!
Tuna Pass Mint Price: 0.045 ETH
Mint price: 0.06 ETH


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