What are CryptoBuggies?

CryptoBuggies are a collection of googly-eyed confused 3D animated critters minted and hosted on OpenSea. Different CryptoBuggies are discovered each round by moving a virtual bugcatcher across a game map whose movements are decided by the community as a whole.  If the bugcatcher lands on a grass tile, we’ll discover buggies that you might expect to find in grass.  The next turn we may land on a map tile with a tree, so then we’d be more likely to find buggies found on trees. As we explore the different regions of the map and use different tools in our inventory, over 20 different CryptoBuggies will eventually be uncovered.  It’s also important to point out that no two CryptoBuggies of the same type will ever look exactly the same; each CryptoBuggy is a unique 1/1 NFT.

Your website says CryptoBuggies is the first NFT cryptoart collectibles game where the community votes on things.  How does that work and what are people voting on?

One of the things that makes CryptoBuggies so special is that the community directly influences which buggies get discovered with each new round.  This is done through polls conducted on the CryptoBuggies Twitter account.  The movements of the bugcatcher across the game map each week are decided by the majority vote made by the community.  So if the community decides it really likes a type of CryptoBuggy that only lives in the doghouse tile, the community can decide to catch CryptoBuggies from the doghouse  more often. Through this approach, the community has a measurable impact on determining the relative rarity and scarcity of each CryptoBuggy type.

How many CryptoBuggies will there be?

CryptoBuggies will continue to be discovered until we reach 500 total buggies.  At that point, no more CryptoBuggies will be able to be found.  So wherever the community directs the bugcatcher to go on the map directly influences which buggies will eventually make up the 500.

Your website also mentions new bug catching tools becoming available in the future.  What’s the purpose of those?

The game started with the bug catching jar being the default tool already available.  So during the first few rounds, the community hasn’t had to vote on which tool to use yet.  But eventually, tools like a net, shovel, and bucket will be part of what the community votes on each round along with the direction that the bug catcher travels on the map.  The significance of different tools is that each one uncovers a totally different group of buggies.  So while the jar catches buggies like ants, grasshoppers, and beetles, the net will catch dragonflies, butterflies, and other flying insects.  Likewise, the shovel will catch underground buggies and the bucket will catch water buggies, assuming of course that we’ve already navigated the bug catcher to a map tile that has water in it.

Your collection is being sold on OpenSea.  What made you decide to use that platform?

After researching both Rarible and OpenSea, I decided to use OpenSea mainly because of the high minting fees involved with using Rarible.  On OpenSea, it doesn’t cost anything to list a new item for sale, so I’m not spending upwards of $100 just to mint each NFT as I would on Rarible while gas fees are high.  Because of this, I was able to start the pricing on the first round of CryptoBuggies at a very low 0.05 ETH per buggy.  I would have lost money with Rarible if I tried to price them this low to start out.

How successful has CryptoBuggies been so far?

Round 1 was made up of 10 CryptoBuggies priced at .05 ETH each and they all sold out in less than a day.  But no one even really knew what CryptoBuggies were yet, so it took a few hours for the sales to start, but when they did it was over quick.  Then for Round 2, I increased the CryptoBuggy count to 15 and the price to .15 ETH each.  This batch sold out in only 90 minutes!  Round 3 will go for sale on Sunday, March 7 with 16 new buggies at a slightly higher price than Round 2.  I’m very curious to see what happens with these!

Will there be any other surprises along the way before all 500 CryptoBuggies have been found?

Oh yes, there are a few surprise offerings yet to be unveiled as we proceed along our journey to 500 CryptoBuggies!  Other non-buggy items will be made available as multi-edition NFTs, with special bonus rewards for anyone collecting certain combinations of these special items.

Anything else related to CryptoBuggies you’d like to add?
I maintain an up-to-date roster of all the CryptoBuggies discovered on CryptoBuggies.io as well as providing an overview of how the game works. I’ve been very happy with the response CryptoBuggies has received so far and hope that it continues all the way to CryptoBuggy #500!

Written by : Benny Steele & The Buggy Boys


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