Wall Street’s ‘Fearless Girl’ to debut as NFT

The first drop of the collection will be auctioned on the OpenSea platform on May 10

Kristen Visbal, creator of the iconic Fearless Girl bronze statue in the Wall Street section of New York City, on May 9 announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) collection marking the first virtual rendering of the sculpture, a work symbolizing gender equality, with the first drop on May 10.

Visbal has paired up with digital art house 9ifx.net to bring her storyboards to life and will release 226 NFTs, including a single copy of a micro movie, paired with the first private placement of a full-sized Fearless Girl statue.

The well-known statue, which was unveiled on International Women’s Day in 2017, features a young girl with her hands on her hips in a determined stance, looking up to the sky and seemingly ready to take on the world. The NFT release, entitled “Superstar Drop: Free Fearless Girl”, brings this symbol of equality to life in an entirely new format, taking on the virtual world and presenting a new era of empowerment in the digital age.

“Many have asked for a feasible Fearless Girl collectible. NFTs are the solution, offering a little piece of Fearless Girl as moving art. Fearless Girl symbolises the call for gender equality in the workplace and is seen by millions each day,” said Visbal. “Now that she’s entering the virtual world, women across the country and around the world can carry their own fearless girl with them each day.”

The collection features a three-tiered limited edition collectibles drop and artistically depicts the figure as a universal being who evolves from celestial matter. Tier One combines an NFT short movie with a full-sized physical statue of Fearless Girl. Tier Two includes an NFT video showing a fiery Fearless Girl originating from a comet and is paired with a 22-inch physical bronze miniature. Tier Three presents seven NFT trading cards with various views of Fearless Girl highlighted over a moving background of vivid nebulae.

The first drop of the collection will be from Tier Two. It will be auctioned on the OpenSea platform on May 10, with Tier Three and One dropping later in May.

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