VeryNifty – NFTs are not just for Xmas

VeryNifty Indeed: vNFTs, the wrapped, living, digital assets.

VeryNifty is an NFT project where you can wrap your NFTS and turn them into vNFTs, your vNFTs earn you $MUSE (the native erc20 coin) once a day by clicking on claim rewards. You can use  $MUSE  to buy different gems and raise in the leaderboard, the higher you are in the leaderboard the more $MUSE you’ll mine daily. Careful though, if you don’t buy gems for several days your vNFT will die and get burned and won’t be able to mine any more MUSE.

Co-founders Jules and Adam met online a few years ago “we decided to combine those years of experience into a project. What if NFTs could have a life, they would grow and evolve with you, could die if not taken care of, could be exchanged, traded based on some intangible value. This is what we’re doing at VeryNifty, let us give you more details about our first game: the Nifty Museum (launching October 9th)”. 

3 months ago now, co-founder Jules approached Adam, about participating in the Ethonline hackathon ( After exchanging ideas for a few days, they decided on VeryNifty.

By the time the hackathon started, there was already a “waiting list” on Telegram of over 2000 users. The team ended up not participating in the Hackathon but have been growing together ever since “on this crazy journey”. It wasn’t without hiccups though, there was one night where this journey almost ended with a bug found, it seems luck is on their side and some sort of magic follows this project.

This is a 100% community-run project so there has been a lot of freedom to explore. They are releasing new features every day (like an NFT race game, Lotteries, etc).

But they are most excited about a new p2p protocol being worked on. Players will be able to create Uniswap pools and liquidity for NFTs. Anyone with an NFT will be able to create a new, or add to existing NFT pools and get ERC20 Token derivatives of their NFTs in a permissionless way. VeryNifty NFTs will act as governance and earn fees as well as make decisions on the future of this NFT swap protocol. This all might sound a little vague for now, but more news will be shared in the coming weeks as the release date looms.

The token for VeryNifty is called $MUSE, the current supply of $MUSE is about 350k and the cap of Muse is 1 million coins. $MUSE can be obtained by mining once a day with your VeryNifty “Pet”/NFT. $MUSE can then be used to buy food to feed your Tamagotchi. Every time you buy food with your $MUSE 90% of it gets burned and 10% goes to the devs.  Lots of $MUSE gets minted and lots of $MUSE gets burned daily (about 5k a day burned), so far it has created a healthy economy.

The project has not received any external funding and they are not considering any presale or ICO, “in our opinion if the project has merits, it will stay alive and if it doesn’t provide any value then it should die”.
Since VeryNifty started, the team have spoken with many artists, influencers and founders, but the most inspiring person they met is @rektmerev. He is not only a great artist, known for creating art for MEME, Meme Factory and our gen 0 NFTs, but he also helped with the website and keeps sharing lots of advice, based on his vast experience.

One NFT project the team have been loving more and more is Doki Doki, they love their unique “niche” style and design, their new Gachapon for artists, and their long term approach and thinking. Another NFT project collaboration, well worth mentioning, is NFTTrader, they are relatively new to blockchain but the team have been in touch with them since they only had an idea and they executed it very well and very rapidly. They are doers and I think we can expect something big from them both in the near future.

If you think you might enjoy the game, feel free to join the vibrant Telegram community at @verynifty. Keep an eye out on this post for further updates. There are many more exciting features to be explored in the game. As with most truly worthwhile endeavours Very Nifty is not about quick gratification. Without meaning to be melodramatic, it is somewhat a labour of love. With ETH being the madness that it is at the moment, we have had our share of sleepless nights worrying about our vNFT. I would encourage any other projects that we have written about, or who read this to get in touch with the team, on their telegram channel to discuss collaborations. This is such an interesting project that I am sure it will be entertaining the NFT community with more fun and functions in to 2021 and beyond.

A Collaboration written by : Adam @ vNFT & Benny Steel


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