Vaiyo enters Metaverse, enables P2P Crypto-transfers

Vaiyo enters Metaverse, enables P2P Crypto-transfers, and starts supporting NFT’s

Vaiyo, a safe and intuitive communication platform, announced that it is entering the metaverse, enabling P2P crypto transfers and also starting support for NFTs.

Centralized systems have long been the center of all solutions for businesses, communication, studies, and more. However, cracks started to appear. A single point of failure often happens with centralized applications and makes their offered solutions unsustainable. The world is in need of a multifunctional solution for communication.

Yet, is there a platform that would offer companies a communication solution that is secure, easy to use, affordable, and has multiple features to choose from, which are vitally important for communication? Businesses typically use six to eight applications for (internal) communication and workflow. For the internet age, that is not acceptable. For companies that work in such a competitive world, it is a disaster.

But there is no conference application that combines all these features in the current market. Until now. Innovative ways to move from centralized solutions to decentralized ones have given rise to more sustainable options for all business industries. One of the leaders in the industry of communication is Vaiyo.

Vaiyo is a decentralized all-in-one communication platform with all the features and more that were mentioned earlier. And it is moving very fast by introducing new ones regularly. So, what new things have Vaiyo introduced on their communication platform?

Metaverse 3D

Metaverse is the buzzword on the internet now. More than that, it will become a new standard in the foreseeable future. Users can enjoy the bar on the platform, join any room they need, or simply create one of their own; a meeting room, a shop, a living room, etc. And soon, users can swiftly move from 2D to 3D Metaverse. It makes interaction among colleagues and partners not only pragmatic but also fun. Examples of rooms:

Office Meeting Room

●      Store

●      School

●      Auditorium

●      Cafe

●      Patient Room

●      Art Gallery

●      Living Room

●      And more…

3rd Party Streaming

In the room created, users can start any data they want to share with their colleagues, classmates, business partners, etc. For example, make a Cafe Room and invite their friends to join them to watch a game of their choice: UEFA Champions, Euro League, or Formula 1. Or if users prefer something more creative, they can watch a video, or movie together.

Similarly, users can organize the first aid lessons and cause their 3D characters to perform actions through their VR gloves and let 3D characters give a presentation on how to revitalize a person. Program characters upfront, watch and control their performance with the audience.

Users can share the art that they have created with anybody they want, or show their colleagues how their company fared last year through a 3D webinar. The sky and users imagination are the limits of what they can do with this tool. They can bring the tool to just about any sphere of life.

P2P crypto transfers are live

A new way to send tokens to another user has been enabled and is already live. Users no longer have to send their tokens in the dark but transfer them using a Vaiyo room for contacting another user while sending them the tokens.

Users can be absolutely sure that the right person is getting their tokens, by simply clicking on the transfer button and making a video call at the same time. Can it get better than this?

Platform supports NFTs

NFTs on the blockchain are the future of art, gaming, and many more industries that are about to join the most secure network – blockchain. The good news is that the current 3D objects on the home page from are already NFT’s and, in the nearest future, will be available for importing to the 3D rooms. Users can also transport their NFT art gallery to their customized 3D room.

Keep in mind that the NFT industry is worth around $40 billion now, and it will only be growing, so users might play around with some of their own created art by displaying it to others. Who knows, maybe they will have a breakthrough and be able to sell it in the nearest future for an extraordinary amount of money.

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