Ubisoft’s Rabbids Join Blockchain Game, Welcome To Hell

If at first you don’t succeed, try in someone else’s game

If NFTs are a scam—and they are, I’m just going through the rhetorical motions in building a sentence here—then The Sandbox is one of the biggest engines driving them in the video game space. So it makes perfect sense that it’s the location for Ubisoft’s next foray into the world of all this bullshit.

If you’re not familiar with The Sandbox, while pitching itself as a “game” (which it originally was before being purchased in 2018 and turned into what it is today), it’s now more of a clearing house for every aspect of the blockchain grift, from NFT sales to virtual real estate speculation.

Here’s an example, just so you can be aware of the kind of place we’re talking about:

Basically it’s the same setup as so many other big dumb ideas that meet at the intersection of the blockchain and the metaverse. PlayStation Home, only worse. “Players” get to walk around, communicate, emote and end up in “best moments” pictures that look like a kid’s MMO from 2011:

It’s also a place where words are assembled together in such a way as to make a normal person’s eyeballs turn to ash:

Now that I’ve subjected you to this knowledge, it should come as little surprise that, after a disastrous launch in its own games, Ubisoft has decided to collaborate with The Sandbox by releasing Rabbids into its platform and “[allow] anyone to create their own experiences with the Rabbids franchise in the Open Metaverse!”. It looks and feels as dystopian as you would imagine.

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