Treezies NFT Plants a Sustainability Seed in the Crypto Space 

Treezies NFT Plants a Sustainability Seed in the Crypto Space by Combating CO2 Emissions

Treezies are a collection of unique NFTs generated from a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Once again, Cryptocurrency has made headlines because of the harmful effects it has on the environment due to its extreme energy consumption. It has become obvious that in order for crypto and blockchain technology to be adopted en masse, innovators must find a way to make projects more sustainable. This has led many industry leaders to try to reinvent reimagine how projects are thought about in order to make them more sustainable. These efforts are led by one dedicated team developing an NFT project aiming to offset and reverse carbon emissions, potentially providing a net negative solution. This is the team behind Treezies, an NFT project that will be responsible for planting tens of thousands of trees.

What are Treezies?

Treezies are a collection of 7,777 unique NFTs generated from a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. For each NFT minted, Treezies will plant 10 new trees in places we all know and love such as the Amazon Rainforest. This will be done through their official partnership with One Tree Planted. Not to forget, an additional tree will be planted for every Treezies transaction on the secondary market. This means that after mint there will be an initial planting of 77,770 trees in the Amazon. However, due to the structure of their pledge, there is truly no limit as to how many trees can be planted. The project has an ever-growing presence on Twitter and Discord, with a passionate community forming around the mission.

Quantifying the Effect

A fully mature tree will absorb an average of 50 pounds (22.6 Kg) of CO₂ annually. Doing the math, just after mint Treezies will be responsible for removing 3.9 million pounds (2,041,166 Kg) of CO₂. However, due to high demand lots of trading volume is expected, meaning this can easily balloon to over 5.0 million pounds. There are also plans on adopting portions of the rainforest in order to aid conservation efforts. The crypto community is gradually adopting this idea and the team is planning on minting before Earth Day to celebrate.

One Tree Planted Partnership

One Tree Planted, is one of the most recognized and reputable organizations worldwide for promoting the recovery of the environment. They work across the globe with hundreds of individuals and partners to help plant trees and restore natural habitats. By giving people a new opportunity to help the environment, the planet’s journey towards a more ecologically conscious future is possible. The two companies formally announced their partnership on Twitter in early 2022 and have been seen working closely together ever since.

Additional Community Benefits

This project has been growing rapidly with a clear intention of continuing to develop and promote itself. They have mapped out benefits such as airdropping seeds to holders following mint day, hosting events exclusively for Treezies holders, and collaborating with other projects to help grow and promote the community. The airdropped seed is rumored to lead the project to the next stage of development with potential plans of building a solar farm where Treezies investors will be paid out in dividends generated by the revenue of selling electricity.


Treezies is a project geared towards long-term sustainability and is here to stay. The Treezies team is fully committed to its community, the global ecosystem, and the future of blockchain technology. The success of the Treezies project translates to not only a win for the crypto community but for the Earth as a whole.



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