Torum Avatar NFT: Build Your First SocialFi Metaverse Identity

Metaverse, the hottest sensation that caught itself in the international media spotlight. The buzzword was first crowned way back in 1992, which introduces the possibility of digital identities representing humans in a fully immersed virtual space.

The NFT space was certainly astounded when Facebook announced the rebranding of a centralized social media platform into a Metaverse. After all, the news comes after Twitter decided to build an NFT verification that can be connected to a digital wallet.

The social media giants’ expansion to the NFT and Metaverse spaces has sparked rumours and public speculation across the globe. Nevertheless, their recent moves only meant one thing:

“There is an enormous untapped potential, filled with immense possibilities in the Metaverse and NFT verticals.”

If traditional social media platforms are adopting the NFT and Metaverse trend, why can’t crypto-focused SocialFi projects with the combined elements of “Social, NFT and DeFi” be the ones who lead this emerging movement and represent the NFT communities in the international scene?

Fortunately, a SocialFi startup has decided to lead the way, and create the world’s first SocialFi Metaverse – Torum.

Torum is one of the internet’s most exciting, up-and-coming SocialFi platforms. Having a worldwide user base of almost 120,000 crypto fans, investors and users, the Huobi-backed social media project is making moves into the Metaverse space.

The Metaverse expansion will take place in the form of Torum Avatar NFT by early November, followed by an NFT Marketplace to facilitate the Avatar transactions.

Based on Binance Smart Chain, Torum Avatar NFT features 2,994 units of exclusive PFP Avatars items that are specially designed with 21 Genesis themes. Each Avatar represents one’s personalized identity in the Torum Metaverse, a visionary expansion to the VR and SocialFi Metaverse world.

An Avatar is made up of 6 types of NFT components, namely:

  • Front accessory 
  • Head
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Rear accessory
  • Background 

A player starts with a plain Avatar model and can customize their Avatar by collecting different NFT components from the 21 Genesis Avatar sets. The free-to-customize gamification enables players to build their unparalleled Metaverse identity with over 85 million Avatar variations to explore.

Instead of buying an Avatar set directly, players will be purchasing the Genesis NFT Blindbox that provides them with an exclusive piece of NFT component. Inside the Genesis NFT Blindbox, there are a total of 2,994 units of NFT components up for grabs, where 126 of them are unique with different supplies and rarities.

With the integration of probability gamification, the content of each blindbox is completely random, which enhances the gaming experience of the NFT drops and further diversifies the Avatar variations created by the players..

Don’t miss out – the next trending utilization of NFT is here. Join the Torum Discord and Torum Twitter to chat with other Metaverse enthusiasts and follow the latest news of their Metaverse NFT drops.

For more info, head straight into the official Torum Avatar NFT website:

Website | Torum Avatar NFT | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Instagram | Torum Finance


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