Top Vietnamese Blockchain Steps Into NFT Gaming

Top Vietnamese Blockchain KardiaChain Steps Into NFT Gaming with My DeFi Pet

KardiaChain, which is arguably the world’s first self-optimized blockchain platform, recently announced that it is launching a collectible mobile game dubbed My DeFi Pet. The game comes as part of KardiaChain’s plan to expand its footprints across industries, including gaming, and lead blockchain to mass adoption.

The project partnered with a highly renowned Vietnamese game developer TopeBox to develop My DeFi Pet. The previous release by TopeBox had over 100 million downloads globally.

Setting a New Standard for NFT Games

As an NFT collectible game for mobile phones, My DeFi Pet combines the concepts of traditional gaming with blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Given the rising popularity of NFTs, this may prove to be the right time for combining the potential of NFTs, gaming, and DeFi.

The game offers several ways for gamers to expand their pet collection within the game. They can either purchase an egg with their in-game token, bid for creatures at the auction house, or breed their existing pets to acquire their offspring. KardiaChain claims that there are over two million varieties of pets, each with its own set of characteristics to unlock. Gamers can raise and train these creatures to prepare them for arena battles.

Contrary to the popular NFT games, KardiaChain claims that My DeFi Pet goes beyond just being a collectible game as it integrates real DeFi use cases to all its in-game collectibles. The game opens a range of DeFi applications including staking, swapping, trading, and lending and borrowing, allowing pet owners to earn the game’s native token DPET and other NFTs. Prior to getting the rewards, users can either hold their tokens or trade them on the several exchanges that list DPET.

The first season of the game is expected to launch on May 14, 2021, with a prize pool of 100,000 USDT. Users of My DeFi Pet will be able to claim the prize by sending specific in-game NFTs to the smart contract specified by the team.

Backed by the likes of ConsensusLabs and OKEx Blockchain Ventures, My DeFi Pet may very well redefine NFT collectible games. Tri Pham, the co-founder and CEO of KardiaChain said:

“NFTs are finally finding their rightful place across the many industries they can disrupt. Gaming is just one of those, and we think that by creating an NFT game with in-game items having real DeFi use cases, we not only redefine NFT games but also push blockchain and crypto for wider adoption within the gaming community.”

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