Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play To Earn $100 a Day:

Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play To Earn $100 a Day: ‘Splinterlands,’ ‘Lost Relics,’ and MORE

NFT games are currently on the rise as more and more people are becoming interested in them. These nonfungible token titles allow people to enjoy different kinds of gaming experiences.

Aside from these, they could also earn cryptocurrencies from their characters, items, and other in-game content, depending on the title you are currently playing.

NFT has become a big hit after different artists and game developers started to generate a lot of revenues from these digital tokens. Unlike crypto, nonfungible coins will have different values depending on their popularity. This means that if the game or artwork becomes in-demand, they can be sold higher than other similar digital tokens.

Since NFT gaming is now a thing, various game experts provided suggestions on how you can earn more money from these titles. The YouTube channel TheProdigy released a video showing the best nonfungible token-based titles you can play to earn almost $100 per day.


One of the best titles you can play is the NFT game called “Splinterlands.” The viral YouTuber explained that this title relies on trading digital in-game cards.

“Splinterlands” allows you to build your deck of cards, as well as stats and abilities.

‘Lost Relics’

On the other hand, “Lost Relics” is another great NFT title that could provide you a $100 daily earning. Its in-game mechanic is comparable to “Diablo.”

In this game, you can fight monsters, complete quests, invade dungeons, as well as collect rarest loots. These items also have a blockchain type, which is the one that allows you to generate revenues.

Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play To Earn $100 A Day: 'Splinterlands,' 'Lost Relics,' and MORE

(Photo : Screenshot from official YouTube channel of TheProdigy )
Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play To Earn $100 A Day: ‘Splinterlands,’ ‘Lost Relics,’ and MORE

‘Town Star’

“Town Star” is a competitive farming SIM title, which the developers created behind “Farmville” and “Words With Friends.” You need to comply with the so-called six-day cycle in this title, which will reset its world map.

Once this happens, all the players will have their achievements reset. At the end of the six-day cycle, the most productive gamers will receive NFTs, gala tokens, and more.

‘Axie Infinity’

“Axie Infinity” will remain one of the best NFT games if you want to generate income regularly. However, this could still change depending on the status of AXS. Players can generate more than $100 each day playing this title.

However, it will still depend on the number of SLP (Smooth Love Potion) they can acquire. Once they gathered enough SLPs, they can easily sell them. Aside from this item, they could also sell their own characters.


This title is a type of collectible card game. The NFT game offers so-called so rare cards, which feature football players from different parts of the globe. With these items, players can create their own virtual football team.

Once they created one, they can now compete against other gamers in different active leagues.

Aside from knowing the best NFT games to play, you should also check these top 5 NFT platforms to buy and sell NFT artworks.

Best Free-To-Play NFT Titles

Most of the mentioned NFT games above require initial payment before you can play them. This means that many new gamers will still have some doubts before they start playing “Lost Relics” and other paid nonfungible token-based games.

If you are a beginner, PlayToLearn provided some of the best free-to-play NFTs you can try:

  • “Gods Unchained”
  • “Crazy Defense Heroes”
  • “Guild of Guardians”
  • “Gamee”
  • “MegaCryptoPolis”

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