This Twelve-Year-Old Makes $350,000 in Ethereum Selling NFTs

This Twelve-Year-Old Makes $350,000 in Ethereum Selling NFTs of Weird Whales

A 12-year-old boy from London reportedly made nearly $350,000 by selling a series of non-fungal tokens during his school holidays. The good thing, he doesn’t have a bank account, but holds everything in ether.

Earn money without a bank account

Benyamin Ahmed was interviewed by and he shared his excitement that he can make money online selling NFT artwork without having a bank account. He made NFTs of weird whales, Ahmed’s artwork attracted attention on Twitter and eventually went viral.

Ahmed used his school holidays to take digital photos and transform them into whale emojis. He called these whales “Weird Whales,” which were then sold online in the form of NFTs. Previously, the kid had tokenized a Minecraft-inspired set, which was not sold in the market due to its low popularity.

go viral

“I only had a few followers on my Twitter. Fortunately, someone with the same interest on Twitter retweeted me and today I have over 12 million followers, from the BBC to New York Post to Geo News, everyone picked up on my news,” said the confident young man.

Profit in Ethereum

Imran Ahmed, the young boy’s father, taught Benyamin and his brother to code from the age of six. Despite his son not being able to open a bank account due to age restrictions, Imran said:

“He is very creative, has no bank account and no accountant, which is why he keeps his money in an online blockchain.”

In addition, the father clarified that the earnings from NFT sales have been converted into Ethereum, which he keeps regardless of the price fluctuations.

There is a lot of money to be made with NFTs, something little Benyamin has proven. One record after another is broken throughout the year. Check out the list of most expensive NFTs ever here , or yes, until the record is likely to be broken again next week.

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