The Unique Concept For NFT Investor

To better understand how the NFT rarity ranking system works, it is necessary to learn more about the NFT concept itself.

In February 2021 crypto investors started talking about the NFT concept widely. That period was the time of changes as sales reached $100,000,000 in the NFT marketplace? Meanwhile, they already reached $300,000,000 in July of the same year. As a result, NFT has attracted much attention in the crypto world. In order to help you invest in the right NFTs, the NFTStudio24 has developed its proprietary NFT rarity ranking system.

What is an NFT?
To better understand how the NFT rarity ranking system works, it is necessary to learn more about the NFT concept itself. In fact, NFT is the abbreviation that stands for ‘non-fungible token’ meaning that it is unique and cannot be copied or replaced. Most NFTs exist within the Ethereum blockchain that comes right after Bitcoin as for the crypto market capitalization.

The purpose of NFTs is to provide unique opportunities both for sellers and buyers. NFTs come from artists, musicians, designers, and other creators who make digital masterpieces and sell those as NFTs. Meanwhile, buyers may consider NFTs as unique digital items that could be united into a valuable collection.

What is the NFT rarity ranking system?
Those who are eager to invest in NFTs should understand the value of those items on the market. Picking up the right NFT project to invest in can bring millions of dollars in the future. On the contrary, false choices could lead to significant profit loss. That is why the NFT ranking system exists to help evaluate NFT projects and make proper investments.

Conducting research by investigating and evaluating NFTs might be a solution, however, it would take a lot of time to find those NFTs and analyze them. Thus, NFT Studio24 rarity Ranking System comes in handy by providing the list of the prospective NFTs on the marketplace. This NFT rarity ranking system would be useful both for fresh and seasoned NFT enthusiasts. It will also be very helpful for NFT creators as it shows the list of trendy items.

How does the NFT rarity ranking system work?
The rarity ranking system developed by NFT Studio24 is designed for both investors and creators. It provides regular updates regarding top NFTs based on the data collected from OpenSea as the most popular NFT marketplace.

Owing to the NFT rarity ranking system, creators can learn the current values of their digital assets. Meanwhile, those who are interested in purchasing NFTs will have the possibility to select the best items to invest in.

The NFT rarity ranking system shows the top 10 and top 40 NFTs in the marketplace. Also, it suggests which items have the lowest volatility rates and stable growth, Based on that buyers will see the projects that are worth an investment. This system is also capable of determining the rarity of the NFT collections which makes value for both creators and investors.

 NFTSTUDIO24 is currently working on adding new features to the NFT rarity ranking system to become even more helpful. For instance, it is expected that the system will predict future NFT drops and will show upcoming NFTs together with their expected value.

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