The Republic of San Marino approves NFT-based vaccination passport

San Marino, a mountainous state surrounded by north-central Italy, has recently approved VeChain’s vaccination passport powered by NFT. 

The passport, which was dubbed as “San Marino Digital Covid Certificate” is a passport designed to permanently save data related to past infections, negative results, and a digital vaccination certificate. 

The certificate has two QR codes that can be scanned conveniently to see a person’s COVID-19 medical history. According to the reports, the NFT vaccination passport is verifiable worldwide. 

Breakthrough collaboration

The Republic of San Marino is a small European country with a population of only 33,000 and the third-smallest independent state in Europe after Vatican and Monaco. 

Through the “Decree-Law No.109 of 16 June”, the government of San Marino has officially approved the use of the NFT based vaccination passport. 

San Marino has also partnered with DNV, an internationally recognized certification body, which would provide technical help, including digital security for the collaborative project. The data on the NFT-based digital vaccination certificate is recorded on the VeChainThor public blockchain. 

VeChain Foundation proudly tweeted: “Together with DNV Assurance, we hereby announce the world’s first national-level enterprise NFT adoption.” 

Authentic information 

Since all certificates will be based on blockchain technology, it is an assurance that every information encoded inside them cannot be altered by anyone. With this, it will greatly reduce counterfeiting and increase the level of authenticity at the same time, which will be beneficial for the people and the government. 

Previously, VeChain had also provided a blockchain-powered solution to deal with rising COVID-19 cases. The company aided the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus in storing vaccination records using blockchain technology to protect the authenticity of the stored data. 

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