The Project of Futuristic NFT Sneakers

Ever since the footwear industry has upgraded itself by introducing various innovative footwear types, for example, moccasins, loafers, espadrilles, sneakers, etc., not to mention, these items have attracted an increasing legion of customers to buy them readily. Amidst these footwear types, sneakers are clearly a great winner, as they contribute to creating a style statement for basic wearers and even collectors.

Incidentally, while the fast-emerging blockchain technology becomes progressively widespread universally, several prominent sportswear brands have started following it in an effort to get at young wearers more feasibly. One of the best examples of dedicated followers is AMAZY (a prominent lifestyle app, which not only helps you keep your body fitness sound but also helps you earn at the same time), which has taken the initiative recently.


The launch of AMAZY NFT sneakers is causing a sensation in the industry and sparking the interest of users to wear them and delight in the fresh air. In fact, the success of the undertaking seems to have started shining through, as it is being tremendously backed by celebs, public figures, bloggers, etc. Some of the famous personalities from different walks of life include MLB Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., as well as Brody Jenner, a reality tv star, etc.  The total number of the targeted audience has reached over 750 millions! Although it rather sounds unbelievable, it’s true! 

The sensation of this event is clearly evident, as AMAZY has lately held inceptive offerings of NFT shoeboxes and AZY tokens. All the items were on a brisk sale and sold out fast! 

As reported by the founders of AMAZY, namely Artem Nikolaev and Sergey Kosenko,  they aim to produce unexampled and futuristic NFT sneakers by working jointly with celebs and offering attention-grabbing collectibles that would be few and far between for users. Some of those NFTs will be reckoned as the digitized version of the physical ones, put on by some notable celebs thus taking the association with NFT buffs to an unexampled level.


Sincere efforts are currently being made to pull in a host of extra trendsetters and the founders are very sure that NFT drops from notable personalities will surely work wonders in attracting umpteen new users to this niche.

With great hopes and aspirations for the next year ahead, AMAZY aims to create a vivid and world-class system of Move&Earn, SocialFi and GameFi, and grow it into a Metaverse. The AMAZY marketplace is already launched, and the application for both Android and iOS is available.


AMAZY is an up-and-coming fitness app based on two key concepts: to Move and to Earn by outfitting NFT sneakers and following a quality lifestyle whilst earning a hefty profit back-to-back.

For more info related to AMAZY, do visit the official website, and social media websites like  Telegram and Twitter.

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