The Exotic Gentlemen’s Society- NFT’s Classiest New Project.

The Exotic Gentlemen’s Society is brand new to the NFT space and they are going to make quite the splash. The collection itself is a classy bunch of exotic animals- gorillas, tigers, leopards, lions, rhinos, and water buffalos are all represented, each suited and booted in Savile Row threads.

The Exotic Gentlemen’s Society isn’t just style over substance, however. The project has an ambitious roadmap, with a variety of benefits and exclusive events. By minting a TEGS NFT, you will not only own one of the Blockchain’s sharpest dressed gents, but the roadmap has plans for exclusive merch and a community wallet that will be bursting with ETH by the time TEGS hit 100% of sale to achieve a truly supportive and active community.

Once the society hits maximum capacity, the Gents really kick into overdrive- holders are rewarded with the chance to earn through giveaway contests, where owning more TEGS NFTs increases your chances of winning. ETH is distributed to lucky winners on a monthly basis, plus by this point in the roadmap, The Treasurer has pumped a huge 100 ETH into the community wallet!

Once all 10,001 Exotic Gents have been claimed, The Country Club can open it’s doors. The Country Club is an exclusive area for holders only, with it’s own currency and a variety of games and events, including poker and much more. TEGS is quite the club, the pinnacle of high society – and it’s doors are opening very soon. Your ticket is an Exotic Gentlemen NFT. 

TEGS aren’t all about cognac and cigars though, the developers behind the aristocratic animals are using their platform to help the animals that make up the NFTs. A proportion of NFT sales will be donated to wildlife charity WWF. All of the animals represented in TEGS are in difficult situations worldwide – there are only 1063 Mountain Gorillas left in the wild, 100 Amur Leopards and many other TEGS animals face extinction or habitat loss. TEGS will be working hard to make sure that they can distribute charity. 

The Exotic Gentlemen’s Society have quite the drop lined up – they are utilising a number of key NFT traits – exclusivity and fomo. With only 10,001 of these distinguished gentlemen available to mint, getting your foot in the Country Club’s door is a must. There is a way you can beat the rush and get in early – 1000 VIP presale places are available, won through exclusive contests and events. 
There are now only around 40% of these VIP passes left, so if you want in, you need to get moving, You can earn a spot in the presale via four methods, found on the FAQ section of TEGS’ website – you will need to griind, sweat, pay or get seriously lucky if you want one of these remaining spots, so good luck gents!

Make sure you follow TEGS on Twitter and Instagram – join the Discord server for all the latest news and events.


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