The evolution of decentralized TV shows like Cudos is related to Sator

The evolution of decentralized TV shows like Cudos is related to Sator and the crypto-themed series “Keep Your Precious Life” -News Bitcoin News

As blockchain technology expands its horizons, attention turns to Hollywood with the introduction of a new decentralized series called “HODL” that features fan-share tokens and highlights mining services.

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The art mimics life in one of the last expressions of the blockchain universe as a story in which a rookie entrepreneur presents a blockchain project that moves onto viewers’ screens.

Cudos, a decentralized Layer 1 and 2 blockchain network, has joined the upcoming “HODL” television series and Sator’s fan engagement protocol to provide added value to viewers through the streaming platform. mining.

The acronym for Hold On For Dear Life, “HODL,” will revolve around the Aveer in a symbolic project named after a long-lost friend that describes the comedy and drama that follows. The decentralized TV series will air in 2022, based on the effects of real crypto life, while a number of real crypto personalities are listed on the upcoming Hollywood A-list that features the role of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The work of fiction, produced by Beacon Pictures and distributed in a decentralized format, is written by Chris Martin, who is also the CEO of Sator. Sator, which provides fans with Fan Engagement Tokens (SATOR), encourages “HODL” viewing, connecting viewers to memories of the show. Users who download the Sator app and view compatible content or participate in contests and related interactive games will have the opportunity to collect NFTs, rewards, and obtain the platform’s native SATOR token.

In the interaction between the projects, the television series introduces viewers to Cudo Miner through locations within the program. This mining application, developed by Cudo, is designed to help users take advantage of backup computing power to generate tokens through a system that automatically adapts to mine the most profitable coins and achieve maximum profitability for the user.

The miner fits neatly into the existing Cudos ecosystem and provides decentralized cloud computing services on demand from community backup computing and graphics resources. Cudos Network aims to play a bigger role in the entertainment industry, given the huge resources required to show video during post-production, especially as it moves towards decentralized resources.

Regarding the new partnership, “HODL” viewers who download the Cudos mining app will receive SATOR tokens to bid on the NFT of digital souvenirs, or the opportunity to appear in the stories of the television series.

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