The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 16 – It’s A Goat Soup Universe

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: Things are relatively calm in Goat Soup land. At least compared to the million-dollar launch and the first utility announcements. However, Andy Milonakis doesn’t sleep. He’s plotting Goat Soup’s next moves and buying other NFTs to fatten his already gigantic collection.

Let’s see what our hero is up to in this relaxed episode. First of all, this Goat Soup update showed the collection growing in acceptance and popularity:

Unfortunately, the floor price didn’t hold and currently, the Goats are trading at 0.1 ETH minimum. Nevertheless, the volume traded keeps growing, which means there’s demand for Goat Soup. This is healthy, even if it’s not at the prices Milonakis would hope. In any case, here’s Andy’s pitch. Why should you buy into his NFT collection?

Milonakis finishes his speech with “Bet on people, baby. Bet on me.” And, in a way, that’s what the NFT market is. A bet on a team’s ability to bring value to the collection holders. And, speaking about that, here’s the Worldwide Webb metaverse’s announcement of the Goat Soup integration:

Also, the Goats are now available in Nifty Gateway

Goat Soup, New Considerations And Ideas

Someone asked Milonakis about his inspiration for the Goat Soup concept, and he answered with new information. “Anonymice made me interested in doing on chain, I felt like Goats weren’t overused, there are a couple projects but not overdone and i’m greek so goats are big in Greece.”

Another Twitter user asked him if running the Goat Soup collection felt like a job and we got this gem. “Loving it so far, I’m treating it like a job because I want it to grow and be successful. It’s surprising how many series sell out and make no progress or updates for months.”

Yet another person asked him about a Goat Soup series 2, and Milonakis answered that it probably will be, but right now he’s focused on growing the original series. “By the time there could be a demand for series 2, it might be more metaverse based instead of on chain images.”

To close, Milonakis had the craziest contest idea ever. He will, “pick one Goat Soup holder, fly them roundtrip to LA in January, put them up in a hotel for 3 nights in Venice Beach, hang out with them, take them to dinner and get to know them a bit.”

He hasn’t mentioned this contest again, though. Will he really do it?

ETHUSD price chart for 30/12/2021 - TradingView
ETH price chart for 12/30/2021 on Kraken | Source: ETH/USD on

YouTuber Keemstar Is a Goat Soup Maniac

The DramaAlert YouTube channel has more than 5M subscribers, and Keemstar has 2.7M Twitter followers. And he’s the biggest Goat Soup supporter so far. He printed this canvas:

He also bought all of these goats to do a Holiday giveaway:

That’s a Goat Soup maniac. And the movement needs more like him.

New Arrivals For The Milonakis Collection

As you know, besides his own NFT series, Andy Milonakis is a whale of a collector. Let’s see the pieces that he got lately.

  • First of all, Milonakis and Keemstar teamed up to buy the #1 ranked Squishy Squad

Then, he bought a Bored Ape Kennel Club to complete his Bored Ape set. This reminds us of Snoop Dogg’s recent buy.

Also, Milonakis bought yet another Creature from Creature World

Andy choose violence and disclosed he’s “addicted to buying Phunks.” A CryptoPunks parody project that just flipped the images and slightly altered them.

He gave the Thingdoms NFT his seal of approval.

And the CROAKZ

And CloneX from RTFKT Studios

And that’s it for today. Join us in 2022 for new NFT adventures with the Internet’s greatest star, Andy Milonakis.

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