Talking NFTs Are On Their Way

ShareMob have partnered with the Grumpy Pugs™ NFT franchise to use new AI learning to create speaking NFTs.

NFTs continue to surge in interest as creators continue to push the boundaries of what an NFT can do and what it form it can take. Certified NFT Expert™ and NFT Creator Tim Moore says, “The evolution of the NFT/digital collectibles into a much more personal, interactive, joyful place will require audio, music, voice, ambient sounds, etc. These are key elements as creators develop assets for the Metaverse or smaller microverse communities.”

Iain Baird, CEO of Sharemob, is the creator of the popular app ‘My Talking Pet’ and has been working on new AI technologies soon to be released that add amazing realism to photos and art. Both Moore and Baird are excited about the possibilities of using this new technology on a new series of Grumpy Pugs™ NFT s that are 3D and will look and sound real. “They will be perfect for the metaverse”, Tim Moore, said.

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