Suspicious NFT game vanishes from Twitter after stealing art

An art game has gone viral just one week after it was released but was mysteriously removed from Twitter.

Since the launch of micro assets in the crypto community, people have been flocking to the use of NFT. Similarly, a video game that collected and stole NFT from Twitter users has been gone missing for the past few days.

What is this all about?

The “Suspicious NFT Game” game allowed players to create their own games with blockchain technology. Its creator sent out a Tweet on October 16th welcoming friends to play the game and creating screenshots of people playing it.

The next day he woke up to find that his account had been suspended for suspicious activity, and all of his followers’ images were deleted in the process. Gradually more people noticed that their accounts were missing graphics, then they realized that the “game” itself had vanished.

The developer later explained that the game was stolen from his website and filed a report with Twitter. Twitter has yet to respond. It’s uncertain whether any money was involved in the transaction; we first reported on this game last month. It never made it to the Ethereum blockchain, which would indicate that there was no monetary exchange involved.

There is still a lot of confusion as people try to figure out how this all went down, but we’ll update as more information comes to light.

What happened here?

First of all, they had to point out that this is not a scam. The artist and developer of the game, Eric Tang, has posted a video on Youtube about the whole ordeal. He describes how someone stole the game and uploaded it on Reddit before he could do anything to stop it.

He has an entire account on Reddit where he lists the games people uploaded and their website links so people can verify that they’re not just faking. Right on Reddit, people are yet to find out the real identity of the developer and his true intent. 

Some of the users have said that the developer has been scamming for indeed a long time.

But right now, since the game is off the charts, it is hard for anyone to comment on the situation. The authorities have been involved in the matter, and they are foreseeing it. It is a genuine offense in the crypto community to steal someone’s art and label them as yours. Even though not chargeable, but the developer can face a serious repercussion if found out.

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