Superlative Secret Society, Original NFT

Superlative Secret Society, Original NFT by Indonesian Children Supports Local Artists

 The Superlative Secret Society, a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world native to Indonesia, officially introduced it directly through the 2021 Urban Sneaker Society activity.

Technically, Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFTs ) are digital assets that represent real objects such as artwork or characters found in games and videos.

Simply put, NFT turns digital assets and other types of collectibles into one-of-a-kind, so that the artwork can be verified as authentic and easily traded via the blockchain.

This means that buying and selling digital assets through NFT uses cryptocurrencies ( cryptocurrency ), which in the end can still be converted into conventional currencies.

For each artwork, there is only one NFT and that is indicated by a unique identity code.

With this way of working, NFT can function as a marker of the originality of a work.

Cryptocurrency illustration.  [WorldSpectrum/Pixabay]

On the other hand, the works of Indonesian artists are often underestimated.

Even if they get recognition, their masterpieces are easily hijacked or duplicated by irresponsible people.

With the NFT, works of art as well as the profession of artists can be more appreciated.

Apart from getting recognition, NFT also helps them to earn money.

Fully aware of the conditions in the country, four young people took the initiative to manage NFT under an umbrella called the Superlative Secret Society (SuperlativeSS).

The CEO & Founder of the Superlative Secret Society, Prasetyo Budiman, said that Indonesia actually has great potential in producing works of art, which are even sought after by foreign countries.

“We started selling digital assets on a large scale on September 22, 2021. SuperlativeSS is 100 percent made by the nation’s children, there are four founders,” explained Prasetyo in his official statement, Monday (12/6/2021).

Starting from artists, added, program developers, to community managers, all of them are young Indonesians.

According to him, most of the digital assets on display by SuperlativeSS are marketed through the platform, which is currently one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world.

“Even the artwork that we sell has all sold out quickly. It was beyond our expectations,” said Prasetyo.


Even though it’s only been around for a few months, SuperlativeSS has grown into a huge community.

On the Twitter platform, the native Indonesian NFT manager already has more than 36 thousand followers. While in the Discord application, the community already has 67 thousand members.

Unfortunately, the collectors in the NFT community are still dominated by people from abroad.

To expand the community, it is shown by participating in the 2021 Urban Sneaker Society which will take place at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, on 2-5 December 2021.

At the annual event, SuperlativeSS displayed their assets, as well as introduced NFT to visitors.

“SuperlativeSS’ vision is actually simple, wanting to be a catalyst for artists in Indonesia to be better known and appreciated,” concluded Prasetyo.

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