Step Finance Adds Augmented Reality NFTs to Solana Dashboard

Step Finance is adding augmented reality (AR) non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its Solana (SOL) dashboard.

Solana users will now be able to see their NFT assets included in their portfolio on the Step Finance dashboard. This integration will start with AR NFTs from Star Atlas metaverse, a next-gen gaming world that runs on Solana. 

NFT dashboard integration

As the Ethereum (ETH) network continues to be plagued by high gas fees, Solana is becoming an apparently increasingly appealing alternative. This is one reason the Solana ecosystem has been onboarding additional NFT marketplaces.

Typically, NFTs can be thought of as digital collectibles, such as art pieces, songs, or moments in time. However, AR NFTs include AR elements. These include the ability to visualize digital objects in the surrounding environment. This helps create an immersive user experience with real world value.

“As we continue developing the first massive AAA gaming metaverse on Solana, partnering with Step Finance will help us create a fully inclusive and seamless toolset for our global audience of metaverse citizens,” said Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas. He also recalled releasing immersive NFTs with the likes of Deadmau5, Bassjackers and Blond:ish. 

The NFT market is predicted to reach $175 million by October, which could lead to an industry market capitalization of $470 million. 

DeFi integration

Meanwhile, NFT users aren’t the only ones who are able to benefit from the aggregation features of Step Finance’s dashboard. Last week, Step Finance started aggregating data from across all of Solana’s decentralized exchanges (DEX).

This reportedly makes it the first project to combine the liquidity of DEXs across the Solana blockchain ecosystem into a single point of access. This will enable users to trade at optimal prices, enabling access to $845 million dollars of liquidity.

Step Finance is making strides in its ambition of being the front page of Solana. Launched in March, the project raised $2 million in April to develop and build its Step Platform.

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