SolSnatchers Announces NFTs of the Underworld

The SolSnatchers team is excited to announce its non-fungible token (NFT) for the underworld. In a release, the team explained its decision to launch its 10k NFT collection that is “an infernal collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Grim Reapers existing externally in the underworld of the Solana Blockchain.”

SolSnatchers aren’t only unique but they also offer some special opportunities for their holders.

The soul of SolSnatchers

While shedding more light on the project, the SolSnatchers leadership explained that each SolSnatcher is a key to the SolUnderworld’s digital portal that opens at random times once daily. According to them, a Snatcher that is fortunate enough to open the portal will find valuable rewards in the portal and a special place in the SolUnderword Discord channel.

The leadership expressed its determination to keep the project going smoothly and well-funded. It said that 3% of royalties on the 10,000 SolSnatchers to be minted will be returned to the community through the project’s portal. A further 2.5% of the royalties will be devoted to funding the project, a necessity to keep it afloat.

Membership for everyone

SolUnderworld membership is open to all holders. Once you purchase the token, you are automatically qualified to become a SolUnderworld member. Your membership qualifies you for tons of benefits that include high-caliber NFT project mint passes, presale spots on future SolUnderworld collections and a host of other incentives.

The start of the journey

The idea for the project was reportedly born between July and August 2021. After several brainstorming sessions, the founders decided to assemble a team of talented and experienced developers and artists to handle the project and bring it to reality.

The team eventually decided to take the project to the internet, and by extension, a larger target audience by hosting a pre-sale limited to 2,000 tokens. While 2,000 tokens were reserved for pre-sale, the remaining 8,000 NFTs are to be minted by the public through the SolSnatchers website.

Once all 10,000 SolSnatchers are set free to roam the underworld, they will be available to obtain on the Solanart NFT marketplace.

Minted on Solana

According to the SolSnatchers leadership, the NFT will be minted on Solana, one of the fastest blockchains in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency community. Currently, it is the foundation for over 400 projects including NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and a host of others.

The project’s leadership cited Solana’s popularity in the cryptocurrency community, its low fees and its bullish nature as the fundamental reasons for why it chose the blockchain for the project.

Members of the public and interested investors are advised to visit SolSnatchers official website to keep a tab on the project’s development and the roadmap from the ideation stage to the future.

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