SOLANA Price Plummet As The NFT Market Hype Drop

The Bitgert blockchain is a fast chain than Solana, and the gas fee is also cheaper.

One of the major products that Solana has been pushing is its NFT marketplace, which has been performing quite well in the market. But it looks like the hype around the Solana NFT marketplace is dropping, and this can be seen from the falling performance. The drop has also affected the $SOL price, which is currently plummeting.

Many factors could be making the Solana NFT hype drop and hence a plummeting $SOL. One of them is the coming of the Bitgert NFT marketplace, which is getting a lot of attention from the crypto community. Here is more about these Solana and Bitgert NFTs and how the latter might be a tough competitor.

Bitgert NFT Marketplace Launched By Miidas

The first Bitgert NFT marketplace was introduced by one of the Startup Studio projects called Miidas. This is a crypto project that has attracted a lot of attention because of its NFTs. The Bitgert Miidas NFT marketplace is unique in that it is the world’s first platform for both physical and digital assets. This is one feature that makes this Bitgert NFT better than Solana NFT.

In addition to that, the Bitgert blockchain, which the Miidas NFT marketplace is built on, is another attractive factor. The Bitgert blockchain is a fast chain than Solana, and the gas fee is also cheaper. With such a blockchain, NFT enthusiasts will definitely choose to use the Bitgert chain over Solana. Therefore, the Bitgert Miidas NFT marketplace will be a force to reckon with and more so because of the lowest gas fee this chain offers.


Centcex has not built an NFT marketplace, but it will be one of the cryptocurrencies to watch after the Bitgert. The crypto project is developing faster, and one thing that stands out is the pace at which it is developing. But the most attractive thing about this project is the kind of project that the Centcex team is developing. Centcex will be among the few crypto projects that have committed to developing the largest utility,

According to the Centcex whitepaper, there will be hundreds of dApps, staking programs, exchanges, user bases, and many other products that the team will develop. Therefore, the Centcex token will be in high demand for running these products and more so with expected millions of users. Therefore, Centcex will be among the most rewarding cryptocurrencies in the market.

Solana (SOL)

As mentioned above, the Solana (SOL) price has been plummeting, and one of the reasons why it has been dropping is the plummeting hype of its NFT marketplace. Initially, Solana was the fastest chain and also offered the lowest gas fee compared to what other NFT platforms offered. But the coming of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has stolen the limelight. The Bitgert NFT is what investors are talking about.

Bitgert NFT marketplace is going to be the toughest competitor of Solana (SOL) NFT marketplace. As long as the Solana (SOL) blockchain gas is more expensive than Bitgert and the speed is lower, the Miidas NFT marketplace is going to be one of the biggest competitors. Therefore, the Solana team needs to do more to keep its NFT marketplace more competitive.

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