Social NFT Builder Zing! Enables Minting Tweets into NFTs

Social NFT Builder Zing! Enables Minting Tweets into NFTs in a Few Clicks

Browser extension Zing! is now available for download on the Chrome Web Store, offering the most convenient way for social media users to access NFT minting service right from their browser. 

People can mint and tokenize social assets directly on the Twitter page. Users who want to generate an NFT from their content on Twitter do not need to navigate to another website, paste the screenshot of their social media content, and finish the minting process over there. NFTs minted by Zing! can be traded on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, and ZKSpace, a leading all-featured Layer 2 protocol using ZK-Rollups.

By linking traditional web2 users to web3 space, Zing! aims to help people experience the exciting innovation of NFT via a familiar and user-friendly method. With Zing!, people can tokenize their creations on social media, gift them to friends or make a profit by listing them on NFT marketplaces.

Zing! currently supports minting with Layer 1 blockchain Ethereum and Layer 2 protocol ZKSpace. The new extension also allows users to view the amount and value of all their tokens and NFTs on these two networks.

With the vision of comprehensively lowering the threshold of web2 users to enter the web3 world and integrating content created on web2 and web3, Zing! will continue to seek solutions to remove obstacles such as memorizing private cryptographic keys and seed phrases, and explore more payment methods and use cases.

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