Social Media Networks Want to Hop on the NFT Trend

Social Media Networks Want to Hop on the NFT Trend, Here’s Their Plan

NFTs everywhere! Including social networks! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even Reddit… the platforms are looking to become the place to buy and sell NFTs. The race continues! It was only a matter of time before the NFT wave hit social networks. Twitter is leading the way. The platform has launched an option that allows users to put an NFT in their profile picture. At the moment, it is a great feature available exclusively to subscribers of the paid service of the platform, Twitter Blue on iOS. It’s the first step that allows NFT owners to show off they own one of these hot ticket items, but also, and most importantly, make it easier to sell them. In fact, Twitter notes that the images will be linked directly to the owners’ accounts on OpenSea, the global platform for NFT sales. It’s a smart move to discourage unauthorized use of NFT. For owners, they will be able to enjoy their new NFT profile picture in hexagonal shape, link their cryptocurrency wallet and view links to their NFT collections.

“We are now seeing people using NFT as a form of identity and self-expression, and as a way to join the burgeoning community and increasingly active conversations on Twitter. This new feature provides a seamless and easy-to-use way for people on Twitter to verify ownership of their NFT by allowing them to link their wallets encrypted directly to Twitter and choosing NFT from their group as their new profile picture,” Twitter explained.

By allowing NFTs to be placed in profile photos via Twitter Blue, the social network can revive the allure of its paid subscriptions, which launched in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia last November but have been a hit since then. In 2021, global sales of NFTs reached $25 billion. However, Twitter has specified that this new option will eventually be available to all users of the social network.

Reddit is also planning to get into the NFT trend. The platform launched the first test to change profile pictures using NFT, as discovered by Nima Owji. A new feature is not too surprising considering that cryptocurrency was the most popular topic in 2021 on Reddit.

Meanwhile, the Meta group does not hide its intentions in the NFT. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, a new feature will allow you to view NFTs on your profile. Mark Zuckerberg does not stop there. his goal? To become a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs in complete safety. The first test was launched in July 2021 with “Collectibles” on Instagram, making it easier to buy and sell NFT through auctions.

Between the explosive growth of trading on social networks and the popularity of NFTs, NFT trading on community platforms is already positioning itself as the trend to watch in 2022.

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