Shiba Shelter NFT Collection Donates 9 ETH to Dog Shelters

The charity-focused non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Shiba Shelter is excited to announce the completion of a 9.04 ETH donation to dog shelters as voted on by Shiba Shelter token holders. The donation round was a scheduled donation upon sell-out of the 5,555 token collection. These funds were distributed to the top 3 voted shelters, with each receiving 2.5 ETH each ($8,281 USD at the time of donation), and the remaining shelters on the list receiving 0.22 ETH each. PAWS Chicago, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, and Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home were the recipient shelters receiving 2.5 ETH each. Sterling Shelter, Best Friends, Hope for Paws, Animal Haven, Wrightway Rescue, Korean K9 Rescue, and Wolf Trap Animal Rescue, were also on the voting list, and received 0.22 ETH each.

The collection, founded by a pair of friends in Vancouver, BC, was created with a mission to empower dog shelters around the world. The artist, Janet, believed in her artwork, and how it can be used for good in the cryptocurrency & NFT space. With cryptocurrencies becoming more widely-adopted, the team believes that the adoption of cryptocurrency donations at smaller shelters, could enable a new and large source of funding to shelters in need. The collection also sets out to donate a portion of ongoing royalties to shelters on a monthly basis, as voted on by token holders in a Snapshot-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) like structure. The team has so far donated 11.17 ETH since it’s inception in late November 2021, their initial sale date. The team also sets out to help onboard shelters with the desire to accept cryptocurrencies in guiding them on the next steps.

Regarding Shiba Shelter’s next moves, “The team has begun actively exploring partnerships in the NFT space, clothing brands, and beyond, as well as expanding more into the web3 space”, says co-founder Alex Lau. Token holders of the Shiba Shelter are also entitled to ownership rights of their artwork as disclosed in the collection’s terms and conditions, as well as access to future community-based events, and passive giving utility.

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