Scent launches offering a 4-month experience

Scent of the Metaverse NFT launches offering a 4-month experience

A new 4-month NFT experience, the first of its kind, has launched by Rook Perfumes to build the ‘Scent of the Metaverse’. The experience is led by Rook Perfumes’ founder Nadeem Crowe as house perfumer, and will have input from the first 100 holders of the NFT. As part of the ticket, participants in the experience will receive creator rights to the final scent.

The project, called “Scent the Metaverse”, will make digital history in a mission to perfect the scent of the collective virtual shared space; that is, the sum of all virtual worlds, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet, which is known as the ‘Metaverse’.

The experience, which can be viewed at, will culminate in an official Metaverse perfume that people can irreverently wear when they go out in the Metaverse or even in day to day life as a bridge to it. The NFT purchasers will share in the creator rights as part of the NFT ticket as well as receive 1 of 100 limited edition bottles and a collectible image of art to certify their involvement. NFT tickets opened for sale on the NFT platform Known Origin from 20 May for 0.3 ETH.

This first NFT Rook experiment is led by Rook Perfumes’ house perfumer, Nadeem Crowe and artist Warren Beeby, along with Jamie Anson of Nifty Orchard and Melissa Gilmour, NFT art curator and founder of Lily & Piper.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Smells have the ability to trigger memories — known as “the Proust effect” — due to how close the olfactory processing system is to the memory hub in the brain. Rook Scent experiments have done similar projects around developing scents from people’s memories of walking to school.

“People can now have an olfactory foundational commons to cement memories of these foundational times. We hope to keep building on this with the community over time to create new formats for perfume,” says Nadeem Crowe, founder of Rooks Perfumes.

Scent the Metaverse is granting the NFT purchasers input and purchasing access from concept, artwork and through to final scent creator rights. All decisions regarding the development of perfume for the metaverse will be achieved through engagement with the investing community. In addition ticket holders will have rights to a private group, their own avatar and access to meet and greets, AMAs and input and feedback on the scent as well as an NFT artwork.

Nadeem Crowe, founder Rook Perfumes says,

“This Rook Scent experiment will help digital pioneers form better memories of their digital experiences and give them something to wear on their nights out there. Through the sense of smell, I am seeking to bring a feeling of permanence into the metaverse as well as create scent collections that bridge the crypto community with the physical world. I am excited to start with the core of the metaverse.”

Melissa Gilmour founder Lily & Piper says,

“The project is a very early use case for NFTs that moves beyond art, to show that NFTs can also be an experience and attach to a physical product. It will also allow the community to be invested in it beyond being not only a collector, but to form experiences and memories too.”

Jamie Anson, founder of Nifty Orchard says,

“It’s exciting telling people they don’t have to be super talented, well-educated and wealthy to be part of a team that creates a great product for the world.

You don’t even need a CV! Passion is the qualifier.

Inclusion, diversity and freedom is baked into our ethos thanks to Ethereum blockchain technology. Ethereum pseudonymity abilities empower people to be whoever they choose to be, free from stigma and oppression, free to say what they believe about scents and how they see the world.

We are excited to show the world that anyone can be part of the creator economy.”

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