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BreakingSatoshiLabs are on a mission to provide the blockchain with the sounds and vibes of the IDM scene. We all like to party, we all like to dance and would like to pay tribute, to the back street alchemists that make a dinner party a party. Let’s celebrate the C₁₁H₁₅NO₂ creators who keep the international diaspora dancing.  

The guys have been into dance music from a young age. This led them to blend their beloved, eclectic art fascinations to mashup Analogue Sounds, digital art and party enhancers. This leads them to a type of art with its own unique form. In the early days, the creator used to do pixel artworks for 2D games. This was all in the era of early Pentium computers, just at the dawn of the first Windows machines.

Being a long time music lover has given @bsatoshilabs a platform, from which to share one of his favourite artists, being the Rhythm & Sounds duo. Including the whole of the Prince of Denmark & Plastikman’s journey into electronica and . Another programmer Breaking Satoshi Labs considers a true artist is Nicola Salmoria. He initiated and saw through the MAME project, back in the early PC days, releasing the first version in 1996. He started a project that revolutionized the roots of many coders introduction to the digital gaming world. 

(Some of the NFT drops available on Opensea or the Breaking Satoshi Labs website)
Breaking Satoshi Labs finds productive inspiration from music. So, it is from this passion that the whole idea of BreakingSatoshiLabs is based. By experimenting with modular synthesizers they created the sounds that are paired with the CryptoPills NFT drops, which will play a big role in the future of the project and is one of its many unique selling points. 

BreakingSatoshiLabs is an amalgamation of analogue sound, pixel art and soundwaves, minted on to the blockchain. Each NFT purchased comes with all these medium included, making them a really unique proposition for collectors. 100% of the profits from the Marionettes project are going to a wallet, which is open for the submission of new ideas and projects,. As such they will be re-investing part of the revenue generated from this back into the project, as well as part going to the successful candidate.

They will be setting up new sounds around the globe using longitude and latitude values, to work on a revolutionary new global project. The ideas and projects launched will be assessed and shortlisted to get onboard and accelerate the experience.

After obtaining any of the CryptoPills drops in your wallet, you will gain a closer relationship with the CryptoPills NFT holder community. The network will continue to expand to bring new fresh ideas and insights.

Please see below for the future aspirations of the project

An important milestone for our development is the third quarter, in which you will be able to hear the sound that is generated on the blockchain every time a CryptoPill is sold.

By 2022 you can come to Satoshi’sLive Lab and hear the sound that randomly goes live by playing the longitude and latitude sound and pointing it from the point on the globe where it sounds.

Starting with this project we are aiming for a great mission to integrate the blockchain sound by longitude x latitude for as many values ​​as possible

that will shape the sound of the blockchain.

Further details and a more precise view of blockchain sound by longitude x latitude: Notechain will be published on the WhitePaper.

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A collaboration for by Breaking Satoshi Labs and Lord Benny Steele

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