Samsung is betting on NFT, GeForce NOW and Stadia

Samsung is betting on NFT, GeForce NOW and Stadia. TV sets for 2022 were shown

Samsung showed a series of new TVs for 2022 and the corporation is focusing this time not only on beautiful pictures and amazing sound. The company took care of the full support of NFT, GeForce Now and Stadia.

By way of introduction – NFTs are unique units of data stored on a blockchain (a form of digital ledger) that users can buy and sell. Recently, the NFT has gotten very loud in our industry and Square Enix is ​​the second AAA game development studio to officially offer similar products in its productions.

As it turns out, even TV manufacturers intend to support NFT, because Samsung has just introduced a new TV line and the corporation boasts of the “Smart Hub” platform. With its help, users are to get access to various applications or functions.

This is where the “NFT Platform” will appear , thanks to which customers will be able to buy or sell their “digital works of art” directly from the TV:

“NFT Platform: This application uses an intuitive, integrated platform to discover, purchase, and trade digital artworks via MICRO LED screens, Neo QLED TVs and The Frame.”

However, this is not the end of the news, because Smart Hub will also ensure joint viewing of the production (via video chat), automatic screen calibration and “Gaming Hub”. The latter feature confirms an interesting situation, as the new TVs will receive direct support from GeForce Now, Stadia and the Utomik platform:

“Gaming Hub: This solution enables players to discover new games and enjoy the ones they already know and love through streaming services. Samsung’s partnerships with industry leaders – NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia and Utomik – have access to an extensive library of games for users. ”

Samsung mentions that “this is just the beginning” and apparently the Gaming Hub will be developed – maybe this is where the Xbox Game Pass will appear in the future? As you know, Microsoft is working on an appropriate application that will allow players to experience games directly on TV screens.

Samsung NFT

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