Rockstar Apes Invites Art & Music Fans to Join Exciting NFT Community

The mastermind behind Rockstar Apes NFT is sending a personal invite to all art and music fans to join its highly popular Discord and Twitter communities.

Rockstar Apes is a community of artists who support each other through fun and exciting collaborations. The project is a collection of 7777 original Rockstar Apes that live in the Metaverse world, play in a band, and travel from world to world performing concerts. The Apes’ music helps bring the worlds together through sound, with the project aiming to help each other find success in art form, while offering sweet perks to holders every month.

In the project’s recent news, the creator of Rockstar Apes is inviting anyone who loves art and music to come and join its fun and engaging communities on both Discord and Twitter. To date, Rockstar Apes boasts over 7,000 members on Discord and almost 5,000 followers on Twitter. When new members join, they will receive 77 days’ worth of non-fungible tokens, free access to numerous concerns, art festivals, and other events. Not only that, but members will gain access to the project’s marketplace to purchase new drops, merchandise, concert tickets, and much more with its ROC tokens.

“We are giving away free passes to music festivals, backstage passes to concerts, concert tickets, and more,” says founder of Rockstar Apes, Vicia Lee. “If you love music and art, come join our Discord! We are offering official Rockstar Apes merchandise for our stakers, and we are planning a surprise for ROC NFT holders. Rockstar Apes aims to help holders by allowing them to stake their NFT for our very own token. Additionally, to get a guaranteed chance to mint, you must be allowlisted, which can be done by joining our Discord server. There really are so many benefits!”

Rockstar Apes will officially launch in late April, with dates TBA on Discord and Twitter. Once fully launched, holders will only be able to purchase minted NFTs on OpenSea.

About Rockstar Apes

The Rockstar Apes Club combines expertise in the music industry and Blockchain technology to create a ground-breaking new way for musicians to share their music and enter a new era of online discovery.

The project was founded by a two-member team, Vicia (Veezy) Lee and Jack Matthew. Veezy is a woman in the LGBTQ community and an investor with an excellent knowledge of cryptocurrency. Veezy is a big believer in the Metaverse space, as there are so many opportunities for projects in music.

Jack Matthew Matt is one of the first ROC investors who has been in cryptocurrency since 2015 and knows all there is to know about the space. He now has over 500 NFTs in his wallets from various collections. In fact, four years ago, Jack created one of the first ever bitcoin songs

The idea for Rockstar Apes came to Veezy and Jack as a way to combine the worlds of LGQBT and music, because the duo loves NFT projects, music, art, and entertainment. Both founders wanted to create the first collaboration platform for artistic talent, so they launched Rockstar Apes. Rockstar Apes was born out of a desire to build a community where different talents can interact, entertain, and inspire the world.

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