Revolutionizing Safe Investments With Cryptocurrencies And Firdaos

As investors look toward greater diversification of their asset portfolios, cryptocurrencies have come to light with their tremendous growth in the last decade. Today Bitcoin boasts as the 15th largest asset by market cap in the world. Owning Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies is on the agenda not just for individuals but also institutions globally as a hedge against inflation.

Conventional trading would advise against investing in cryptocurrencies because of their innate volatility. However, the cryptocurrency space is depicting a mass revolution underway. Consider India for example, despite the ambiguity in regulations and several attempts to ban the use of crypto, millions in the country are shifting their preferences to cryptocurrencies instead of gold. Close to 15 million Indians have already invested in crypto. 

Why should you invest in crypto?

The Rise of DeFi

2020 belonged to decentralized finance. Novel projects entered the market yet the idea of using DeFi applications for transactions is still very unique and niche. Investors saw a lot of promise in DeFi as being revolutionary for the global economy. They believed that DeFi has a larger role to play in financial systems simply because they are quick, stable, transparent, and bereft of central control. DeFi uses blockchain technology to replace centralized financial institutions with decentralized versions. The benefit is better access, lower transaction costs, and faster transactions. 

Increased Adoption from Institutional Investors

The biggest reason for the Bitcoin rally has been the broad adoption of Institutional investors. More and more financial institutions are making Bitcoin and other major altcoins a part of their investment portfolio. These institutional investors create buyers in the market, arouse interest, and since they publicize it heavily, people are seeing value in it. Furthermore, the big push towards ETFs, especially Bitcoin ETF makes it easier for retail investors to gain exposure to it. 

Diversification from Gold and Stocks

Up to now, we have seen a general orientation towards Gold, Stocks, Bonds, and other less-interest-bearing assets. Gold’s value vis-a-vis Bitcoin surely makes it a losing proposition because of the need to have a firm and stable investment option that could cruise the sail on tough days. People believe that investing in crypto will give them a nice ring to diversification allowing them to earn more.

Firdaos – A Radical Change Everyone Needs

Firdaos is an NFT marketplace focusing on the distribution of music, fine art, and pop culture NFTs with a real estate NFT proposition. The complexities and vagueness associated with present platforms have given Firdaos the motivation to reach out by creating a gamut of digital collectibles handpicked and curated to go with the investing pattern of collectors. The economy is built on its ERC20 asset FDO(its own token) will be the crypto that will be accepted on larger platforms like Rarible. FDO will be widely accepted because of its inherent deflationary mechanism burning 2% of its supply of each successful sale from its total supply. The platform also incentivizes creators and collectors with reward pools. NFTs, merchandise, and other fringe benefits are all in store for active users in the reward pool.

Attractive Features

Some ambitious future updates and present features make it a great platform to be a part of, they are:

 Real-time tracking of bids

 Deflation of FDO

 0% trading fee charged from creators during the first three months of the launch

 The original creator receives a particular % of sales in the form of royalties

 Great platform to list work as has a wide range of users accessing the platform

The list goes on.

Firdaos Solves Problems Making Adoption Easier

The platform curates NFTs from concentrated areas and ensures it is available on the front end ensuring good quality work. For those creators, who are new and find it hard to place their work and earn out of it, Firdaos is an empowering platform for artists to showcase their work, allowing them opportunities to earn and expand their scope. It works in all marketplaces both vertically and horizontally supporting all the major platforms. This way users find it easy to enter the market and show their works.

The goal of investing in such platforms is to make a profit but the power of HODL comes with a lot of promise. With platforms like Firdaos in existence, a world of opportunity is presented to the masses, making crypto an attractive proposition

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