Rarible Founder On How Its New Toolkit Makes NFT Creation Less Tedious

Rarible Founder On How Its New Toolkit Makes NFT Creation Less Tedious

NFT Marketplace hopes Rarible Protocol will lower bar for creator innovation

Rarible, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, Thursday released its Rarible Protocol — an open-source toolkit for NFT creators designed to spur innovation and limit tech hurdles. 

According to the company’s founder, Alex Salkinov, the Rarible Protocol allows creators to mint, exchange and index NFTs in fully customizable ways.

“Our team experienced the tedious and challenging process of developing optimal marketplace technology from the ground-up, which inspired us to share our innovative tech stack that enables crypto novice and crypto-native developers alike to easily deploy custom storefronts easily,” said Salnikov, co-founder and head of product at Rarible. “The Protocol does almost all the work, so developers can now proliferate the type of front-end NFT project they dream of across markets, without all of the back-end heavy lifting.” 

If successful, the Rarible Protocol could be a welcome addition for creators, and one that could endear them to Rarible. Building NFT projects can be a code-heavy affair and resources on how to custom mint NFTs are remain few and far between in a nascent industry. 

In June, Salkinov told Crypto Investor that the best advice he could give to 

“Try to bring long-term value to the community. It’s probably one thing that is being overlooked,” he said.

This spring Rarible raised $14 million in a series A led by venture capital firms Coinfund and Venrock Capital. According to DappRadar, a website that tracks smart contracts of NFT marketplaces, there has been more than $16 million in volume on Rarible’s network this month.  

That puts it among the top tier of NFT marketplaces, except one. OpenSea served more than $400 million in trading volume in July.  

Disclosure: Stephen Stirling is a senior reporter for the Street Crypto. He is an NFT artist that uses the platform OpenSea, and holds NFTS from NBA TopShot, Zed.Run, and Cool Cats currently valued at more than $500 USD.

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