Rare CryptoPunk NFTs Will be Auctioned

Rare CryptoPunk NFTs Will be Auctioned by Christie’s Next Month

All nine CryptoPunks are from mints below 1,000, meaning they began in the earliest days of the company’s digital collectible creations.

Nine rare non-fungible token (NFT) digital collectibles known as CryptoPunks will be sold by the physical auction house Christie’s, according to a Twitter announcement on Thursday.

  • The digital collectibles are from marketplace Larva Labs’s own collection, and are set to feature in the 255-year-old auction house’s “21st Century Evening Sale” next month in New York city.
  • All nine CryptoPunks are from mints below 1,000, meaning they were created in the earliest days of the company’s digital collectibles.
  • The mint numbers include 2, 532, 58, 30, 635, 602, 768, 603 and 757, with a “rare alien” collectible to be included in the auction also.
  • The announcement signals that NFTs continue to be legitimized by establishment art firms, even as athletes and musicians also ramp up their participation in the NFT space.
  • Rival auction house Sotheby’s, which was founded 22 years before Christie’s, will also sell NFT art later this month.
  • NFTs are digital cryptocurrency tokens that can take on various attributes to represent artwork or assets online, as can be seen in CryptoPunks such as Mohawk Thin and Frumpy Hair.
  • Christie’s sold an NFT representing digital artist Beeple’s work for $69 million last month, setting a record for the NFT space. The auction house accepted ether for the sale.
  • In February, a batch of 34 NFTs was purchased by a whale who paid 557.5 ETH (-1.3%) (roughly $1 million) in minutes highlighting the popularity of the pixelated collectibles.
  • Twitter user DeGenData claimed “Punk Sellers are racing to pull their punks off the market” after the announcement by Christie’s because offers for the Punks are “getting hit like crazy.”
  • The “price floor has moved to around 5 ETH … already,” tweeted DeGenData.

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