Portion.io, a Veteran Platform in the Blockchain Space for Art and Collectibles

Portion.io, a Veteran Platform in the Blockchain Space for Art and Collectibles, Announces Version 2.0 With Major Partnerships.

Potion.io, a developer of blockchain-based technology for tracking the provenance of art and collectibles, announced that their new platform will go live after several months of development. In addition, they are announcing their partnership with Simplex.

Simplex is a highly reputable payment processor that allows millions of individuals to buy digital assets, simply and easily. What is most exciting is that Portion will retain its decentralized core, while also promoting adoption by enabling credit card purchases on the platform. Portion has a substantial vision to allow people to purchase Ether & PRT with a credit card to easily interact on the platform. Additional and exciting partnerships are to be announced soon.

The new platform will enable users to create and list NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens), which can be sold by the artist for 100% of the proceeds. Ownership is tracked on the Ethereum blockchain, and are automatically transferred with no middlemen, seamlessly and in a frictionless manner. Artists and collectors around the world will benefit from a convenient transaction in a 100% secure environment.

The most refreshing part of the launch is the inclusion of the Portion Governance Token (PRT). The token itself is an ERC-20 that serves to enable one to participate in decentralized governance and curation on our platform. There are 2,500,000,000 tokens at max supply, with 650,000,000 tokens initially in circulation. The remaining tokens will be released over time for liquidity mining, strategic partnerships, artist grants, reputation points and future business development costs. Proudly part of the DeFi Ecosystem, liquidity mining will distribute new PRT tokens when artists create NFTs and buyers make purchases on the platform.

Portion’s platform allows artists and creators to create and list art that directly benefits from digital scarcity on the Ethereum blockchain. Portion.io believes that its technology provides a convenient and more simplified transactional solution from purchase to transference.

Jason Rosenstein, Portion.io CEO, stated: “We are incredibly pleased that the platform has evolved to where it is now. We continue with the mission to empower artists worldwide. Portion believes that creative expression is the currency of the future.”



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