Polkadog Announces the Launch of Einstein NFT Project

DeFi pioneer Polkadog launches its latest project, an NFT give-away with thousands of exclusive collectibles as prizes. The project, codename Einstein, is a highly-unique ecosystem where investors buy native tokens and earn reward points to enter the give-away and win NFTs. It’s the first crypto project to donate NFTs as prizes, providing investors with double the opportunity to earn an income – from winning and owning an NFT worth a minimum 1ETH and investing in the $Einstein token.

There are 10,000 NFT prizes available, each a one-off canine-themed collectible from one of four ‘regions’ – Aqua, Cosmic, Urban and Roamer – and five NFT pools giving away a prize every day, with Level 5 including ultra-rare NFTs and ranking highest. As investors win more NFTs and extend their collection, it generates more reward points, giving them a further opportunity to unlock entry to a bonus NFT give-away with 100 special collectibles worth 30 ETH.

The Einstein NFT give-away runs for 200 days, with their bonus competition scheduled to commence at its mid-way point. Investors can purchase $Einsteins from the PancakeSwap DEX running on the BNB Smart Chain.

Read more about the Einstein project at www.polkadog.io

Einstein is operated by Polkadog Ltd. All investing carries a risk; Polkadog are not a financial advisor and recommend investors perform their due diligence.

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