Piracy Punks | Batten down the hatches, Matey! Ye either a Punk, or it’s the plank for you!

Aye aye Captain! The Piracy Punks are a group of 10,000 ERC-1155 tokens on the blockchain launching October 4th.

NFTs have been sailing high at present, with August seeing Opensea take more than $2 billion in sales, and with that wave comes a new range of digital pirates, ready to take on the high tides of the crypto market. The concept of Digital piracy is rapidly changing from the copyright infringement claims and paywalls of last year to the uncharted waters of Web3. Blockchain changes everything. The Piracy punks are a parody of the concept of digital piracy. They highlight the vigorous battle between Web2 and Web3 in a humorous light.

”It was a dark and treacherous night and the wind howled unforgivingly as the boat eased away from shore. Under cover of darkness the crew unfurled the sails, grasping the westerly winds to hoist them onto lands anew. They had drained the island’s wallets, exploited their contracts, evaded capture and were searching for more victims to rob, hack & betray”

The Piracy Punks are preparing for their full-mint phase on the 4th October. Each of the 10,000 available have their own unique attributes and appearance, as well as utility within an upcoming blockchain game, Galleon Wars, developed by the same people behind the range of NFTs. You can talk and ask them questions directly on their Discord server where landlubbers and those with sea legs come together to sing sea shanties, drink rum, and have a merry time. Upon minting, the Piracy Punks will be randomly assigned to one of four ‘Galleons’ (factions), where you’ll make friends for life! The four Galleons will head to war in the upcoming game, Galleon Wars, more details on that to come, with an expected delivery date of Q1 of 2022.

They’ve already made a splash on Opensea with a premint sale that saw 92 NFT fans become Piracy Punk owners at a specially discounted price of 0.02eth, currently with a healthy floor of 0.14, the phase 2 release is sure to be an exciting one! The Premint is a group of 250 Pirates named ‘The Landing Party’. Each of these pirates has a unique backstory to them, as well as an established name and presence in the Piracy Punks metaverse. The team behind it are set to produce treasure hunts, community activities & games, as well as competitions and giveaways with prizes ranging from NFTs, to crypto and other meta rewards.

The elephant in the room here is that they’re very similar to Cryptopunks, and whilst the Piracy Punks are NOT associated with LarvaLabs (although we admire them greatly!) The art is undeniably similar and is infact a parody on societies understanding of digital piracy and copyright. The Piracy Punks are an accessible NFT range for the everyday man (See: Cryptopunk Floor Price), with the unique added utility of a blockchain based game created with real game mechanics and developers.


Twitter – https://twitter.com/PiracyPunks
Discord – https://discord.gg/Piracypunks
Opensea – https://opensea.io/collection/piracypunksofficial
Website – https://www.piracypunks.com/

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