Phillips Launches “My Kawaii Valentine” NFT Auction

The day of love arrives with chocolate and evocative NFTs that collect data in real-time.

Phillips “My Kawaii Valentine” NFT auction dropped on Valentine’s Day, including six digital artworks by contemporary artists Yoshitomo Nara, MonoC, Tomio Gokita, Maciej Kuciara and Pomme Chan. 

My Kawaii Valentine curates a collection of visually arresting NFTs that explore themes of love, companionship, and of course, roses and thorns. Highlighted in the collection is MonoC’s “Drowning in Love,” the world’s first NFT generated by real-time auction data. “Drowning in Love” is the first digital token to track 100,000 user-generated data points, algorithmically incorporating buyer data into the artwork’s final visual presentation. The rendering token allows buyers a chance to deconstruct algorithmic coding in real-time and will broadcast to the public throughout the auction’s run.

“Her Body is Metal,” created by concept designer Maciej Kuciara, is a part of a larger anime visual short called “Showtime Universe,” depicting a late ‘90s sci-fi cyberpunk dystopia backed by a synthwave OST produced by Carpenter Brut. Kuciara conceptualized images for 2017’s movie adaptation of the popular anime series Ghost in the Shell, including images featured in The Last of Us and The Avengers.

“False Cezanne No. 1” by Tomio Gokita appears in the collection. The original artwork pays homage to Paul Cézanne’s post-impressionist period and Gina Beavers’ “Fake Cézanne No. 1.”

The “My Kawaii Valentine” auction is currently live and will run until February 22. Buyers can bid for the NFTs using Hong Kong Dollars and Bitcoin as valid tender. Learn more about the Valentines-themed auction at Phillip’s home website

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