Performers’ Dance Moves Turned Into Animated NFTs

Performers’ Dance Moves Turned Into Animated NFTs for Games and Apps

Signature moves of dancers can be purchased by fans and used as NFT-based “emotes.”

A performing arts company is tokenizing real-world dance moves to bring them into the digital realm.

According to a press release shared with CoinDesk on Tuesday, Beauty in the Streets is working with blockchain platform Enjin to enable performing artists and dancers to create non-fungible token (NFT)-based “emotes” (think animated emojis).

The NFTs represent signature moves and mannerisms of various performers which, in turn, can then be sold to fans via online stores and live shows and used as emotes within participating video games and apps.

“Speedy Walkovers” NFT

The company’s first NFT is a signature dance move from founder Cjaiilon Andrade, aka Snap Boogie, called “Speedy Walkovers.” Token holders are able to use the NFT to perform the move in a 3D PC and VR game called AlterVerse.

“NFTs are turning everything into a market, even human movement,” said Simon Kertonegoro, vice president of developer success at Enjin. “By taking memorable moments and tokenizing them as emotes, the joy and awe we experience in the real world will echo across the digital space.”

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Kertonegoro added that despite speculation about whether NFTs are a bubble, the initiative demonstrates how artists can “create value” by adding their own content to games and apps. By doing so they can market their intellectual property directly to existing fanbases. 



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