NFTs: Making Sense of the Chaos

A Closer Look with Motley NFT

“NFTs are here to stay. I see them bringing more abundance, artist exposure, education, creativity while growing a stronger community to bring more art and happiness into this world.” -Alisha Anglin

What are NFTs?

NFTs are an exciting new technology, one of the many innovations brought to us by the blockchain. Here’s a quick intro:

 adjective. Not fungible. Meaning not capable of being replaced by another identical item easily; not mutually interchangeable; unique.

This technology embraces many fields: digital art, collectibles, gaming, certifications and personal licenses, IDs, domain names, music, fashion, finance and insurance.

For a full explainer on NFTs, read this.

As of this writing, by far the dominant use of this technology lies in the field of digital art and collectibles.

Thus, in my view, digital artists using NFTs are in fact the pioneers of a technology that will change many parts of your life. They are in fact spearheading adoption of the unique (pun intended) technology of NFTs.

This is why it has been my honor to feature NFT artists in many different fields. And now, I am especially thrilled to present a professional abstract artist from right here in the USA…Motley NFT!

Who is Motley NFT?

Alisha Anglin

“My advice to any artist is to keep creating and never give up!” -Alisha Anglin

The real-life artist behind the Twitter profile of Motley NFT, Alisha Anglin was born and raised on Long Island. She currently lives and works as a professional abstract artist in Phoenix, Arizona. Self-taught, she started painting at the young age of ten. For her, art is a way of living and a means through which she makes sense of the chaotic events in life.

You can read more about her and see more of her art on her website and the Mark Cuban-backed NFT marketplace,

A Closer Look

I reached out to Alisha to get a closer look into her mind and heart, as well as ask about her personal views. Here is what she had to say:

1. How and when did you get into Art?

I started painting at the very young age of 10. I used to spend many weekends at my grandparents home and frequently colored or painted at the dining room table with my grandfather. At that time I didn’t realize I was already creating abstract art subconsciously.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from to create your art?

My inspiration comes from many things over the years. Most of the time my work is inspired by famous abstract artists Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Wassily Kandinsky. I have always been obsessed with the universe and science along with my telescope since I was a little girl. Inspired by the cosmos, planets, stars, and galaxies that I view in my telescope from time to time helps me to create bold abstract compositions created in abstract expressionist, cubist, and gestural styles. The beauty of imperfection is explored through applying geometric and wild patterns to deliberately distorted forms, challenging the inherent perfectionist I am at heart when I’m not painting.

3. How did you get into NFT’s?

I am very much involved in the art community around the world so I see a lot of people sharing things on Instagram and Twitter. I came across the Opensea marketplace and decided to check it out. At first I didn’t think it was for me because there was a lot of 3-D Art that isn’t in my realm so I educated myself with information across the internet, created an Ethereum wallet and gave it a go. Later on I came across the @nft page on Instagram which is owned by Mark Cuban’s website so I submitted my work to Lazy. Since then my piece “sublime fields” is on his main page of the website and was sold as my first NFT.

4. What is the biggest challenge artists face today?

Unfortunately we are still in a pandemic so many artists are not able to do the shows they are used to doing, sell their work, and meet people face to face while networking. Recognition for what an artist does can be very challenging at times along with people-pleasing, and rejection can be mentally exhausting for an artist during these times.

5. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an artist?

Being recognized for what I do and being asked to partner with in 2019 as one of their first female abstract artists to produce my art on my very own home decor line Motley Eye. I have never felt more flattered in my life. I couldn’t believe I was invited by a multi billion dollar company to partner with them and how much they love my work was the turning point of my professional career. Selling a piece of me all over the world whether it be an original art piece, or a pillow purchased from Wayfair that someone in Germany has on their couch is my greatest accomplishment as an artist.

6. For you as an artist how important is community?

Community is everything. Without the community whether it’s local, or the world at large, this is how we connect. Our physical and mental health is important and the Art community helps people by supporting each others work, and giving advice when needed. Having a strong community allows people from different cities, countries and times to come together and communicate with each other through images and stories.

7. What is the one thing you wish you knew before becoming an NFT artist?

How addicting it is! Seriously though, I love viewing other people’s outrageous and fun work. I spend hours painting everyday in my studio so jumping on Twitter and seeing people creating whether it’s 3-D digital work or paintings from various artists its opened my eyes to how many talented individuals we have all over the world and how strong our art community really is in the NFT world.

8. What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

Well I’d have to say Polygon. I was watching it for a while (the past year) and decided to grab a bunch earlier this year. Polygon’s end goal is to provide an improved user experience for Ethereum decentralized apps that are impaired by high gas fees and transaction processing times which sometimes can take forever. Polygon also recently merged with Hermez Network which I believe was a great addition in this deal.

9. Fast forward a decade… Where do you see NFTs in the art world and the world as a whole?

NFTS are here to stay. I see them bringing more abundance, artist exposure, education, creativity while growing a stronger community to bring more art and happiness into this world. We have to look at the past 10 years and how cryptocurrency started and where it is today. The growth is unbelievable. We also need to look at how long art has been around for thousands of years dating back to a possible 70,000 bc according to art history. Overall NFT’s and crypto currency have found their home on earth. My advice to any artist is to keep creating and never give up! 😃

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