NFTs are Going Mainstream with Social NFT Platform

The Social NFT vision was to bring the power of NFTs to the masses. Ever since NFTs became popular in early 2021, the world saw a glimpse of what the future might look like. In the times to come, everything that people value will be on a blockchain. Similar to how all aspects of human life are now online. NFTs represent the easiest and most secure way of doing that.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that act as a digital representation of a physical object or digital file of value. And since each token is unique, the thing that they represent is considered valuable. This can be looked at as valuable artwork. People pay a considerable sum for paintings because they are unique. But while the world of paintings is usually reserved for the elites, NFTs are accessible to every person on the planet. That is the beauty of blockchain technology.

Social NFT is based on blockchain tech as well. It uses the Binance Smart Chain to allow for the creation and minting of NFTs and also their buying and selling. But they go several steps ahead. The user interface and the user experience of the website are so phenomenal that the whole thing becomes as familiar as using any other social media website.

This is especially beneficial for social media influencers who do not have time to get into the hassle of creating content and managing all things NFT. They get the freedom and ease of crafting their tokens effortlessly and are thus able to focus on what they do best – create content. So, whether it is an image, a video, a piece of music, a gif, or any other type of content, they can easily convert it into an NFT for their fans to buy. There is absolutely no need to know coding or programming.

Additionally, influencers can keep their fans engaged in a plethora of ways. There is a reward system for active users on the platform which can be leveraged to keep your fans coming back for more. The users also get a chance to build their Social book by buying NFTs from multiple social media personalities. This gives them bragging rights among other things. Also, since the fees are quite low across the platform, any NFT-related activity won’t be a burden on either the users or the influencers.

The platform had an exclusive onboarding procedure where only invited influencers could join, and now is becoming available to everyone. The team is also going to organize an exclusive onboarding pool party on August 11th. Then, shortly after that, the platform will go live to everyone in early September.

The team behind Social NFT is excited about how their platform can make NFTs more accessible to people. They are thrilled to play a part in making NFTs go mainstream. If you want to get a sneak peek of the platform, head on to

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