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NFT Traders – Cross dApp NFT Trading System

The NFT Trader project started near the end of 2020, the team has passionately developed it to the awesome, Ethereum based, decentralized NFT swapping application, it is right now. There are also many more developments in progress! Since 2016, all the team members, in some capacity have had experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain functions. They are constantly studying, experimenting and pushing boundaries to acquire a profound, practical understanding of blockchain technology. It was not until recently that the decision was made to deploy themselves, and develop a platform focusing on the rising NFT industry.

At the beginning of 2020, it was Marco and John who were first to connect. They discovered, through one of the many blockchain-themed Discord groups they frequented, that they had many common ideas and goals. As their conversations progressed they developed a deep mutual respect and trust, leading them to partner on constructing a unique NFT platform. From there the next step was to onboard more developers. Marco had two acquaintances, Matia and Michele, both of whom were hungry to get involved and bring their acumen to the project. 

John is the founder of one of the top blockchain gaming media sites,, which launched when this particular industry was just sprouting, late in 2017.  Marco and Matia worked within complementary functions, in the industry as full-stack web developers. Both having travelled around the world, working on many international sports events. In 2018, Michele wrote his Masters Dissertation, on analyzing the performance and scalability of blockchain platforms, through the process of infrastructure development.

The concept developed through regular, online meetings. Discussing what is currently lacking, to boost the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. The talks veered towards focusing on the nascent NFT space. In the end, ideas were consolidated to launch a unique, cross DApp, NFT swapping platform which is NFT Trader which launched in early January 2021. For now, the beta mode supports  1:1 ERC721 asset trades across compatible DApps. Their first cross DApp collaboration has been with the vNFT team and their Nifty Museum NFTs (Please see our earlier collaborative article). There are planned integrations, with the Pokemon inspired Axie Infinity and Sorare, the fantasy football NFT based game. The team plan to continue this expansion process, adding and integrating a growing number of interesting projects and their respective tokens, thus supporting progressive interoperability between the dApps. This is only a part of the whole NFT Trader picture and objective. On their roadmap timeline which is dynamic, they plan to also allow for the swapping of NFTs across blockchains, showcasing the important concept of interoperability that blockchain technology offers.  Again this is only the beginning phase for NFT Trader and by growing the community and adding many other DApps into the system, the plan is to become a fully self-sustained project, in the NFT industry.

The development team have found the NFT ecosystem to be quite tight-knit and found it fairly easy to get in touch with most people in this space. “There are some key players, like Pransky who have their hands in almost every project, but we don’t favour any NFT based project over another. This goes the same for crypto artists. We feel that anyone in this industry should get a fair and equal chance, plus we want to support any DApp or anyone to grow this fresh new industry together!” For the platforms first NFT integration they started with the vNFT team because they are similar to us, in mindset and goals for this space. The NFT Trader team also liked how they are trying very different methods of boosting liquidity in the space. There are just so many NFT projects they would like to partner and collaborate with, such as SuperRare, Avastars, Cryptovoxels, etc. Basically, anyone that is in the NFT DApp space. “We must also mention with this new crossover of NFTs into the defi industry we would also like to collaborate with fresh projects like Aavegotchi, because they are unique sliding doors and open up many new things for newcomers to the NFT industry”

This is an exciting project, presenting the opportunity to integrate new DApps onto the NFT Trader platform. We can then see how the different communities of users will interact with each other, as well as providing a well needed secondary market place. They have some very cool upcoming features in the works, but, as they are in the development stage cannot be divulged, yet. If there is anyone that is truly interested in supporting what the team are building, please do contact them on Twitter or Discord.

Right now a system has been created, to help provide more liquidity and utility for NFTs and they plan to follow this path. They are not yet considering their own ERC20 token, and will only consider doing so if they see a real added value to the system for doing so. As such they are more leaning more towards launching their own ERC721 token.

The NFT Trader team would like to send out the following message to potential collaborators:
We invite all users to start their NFT swapping experience on our platform, also we invite any DApp developers to contact us if they would like their NFTs to be integrated into our swapping system. Through the interoperability function of our platform, we will help cross boost the liquidity of decentralized application NFTs along with strengthening the connection between all NFT based communities!

A collaborative article by John @ NFT Trader & Benny Steele

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