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The devs behind the Very Nifty NFT/Tamagotchi mashup upon which we wrote an article back in December 2020, also the team behind the NFT20 protocol, which enables NFT communities “Trade, swap & sell NFTs. The NFT20 protocols creates NFT liquidity pools to help developers build the next generation of NFT apps”. As well as having some very attractive LP yield farming pools have come up with a fun new way for you to use your favourite NFTs to battle and win a pot of ETH. A new token has been created as it was deemed that $Muse has already been well utilised in the vNFT game version 1 and has now become the reward and governance token for NFT20.

The new $Royal token was given away upon conditional airdrop, so if you meet any of the below criteria you still may be able to claim.

1.Join the Telegram

2. Anyone who owns one of the NFTs or tokens from the list below will be able to claim 100 to 150 $ROYAL tokens in this page

The qualifying list (a snapshot was taken on April 11th):

  • Own muse (you get 150 tokens)
  • Interacted with NFT20 (get 150 tokens)
  • You are part of Yield Games (100 tokens)
  • Owned any NFTs from the following list (100 tokens): Mooncats, NFTTrader, CryptoCats, VeryNifty, Chubbies, 0xmons, Doki, NodeRunners, Hashmask, AhegaoDAO, StrainNFT, Gan Punks, MEME, NiftyDudes, Waifus,

I was lucky enough to be able to claim 150 $Royal as I had been playing the Very Nifty game, and been in their staking pools since december. I elected to use my vNFT “Beenie Man of Steele #2662” who was my pet in the V1 of their game. He has since sadly passed away, partly due to me losing the will to live myself because of lockdown restrictions in the UK, and not feeding him the 30 day .1 muse gem. Also partly because of a technical glitch declaring him dead anyway, as such I had no idea how long he had left to live. Thankfully because of this same glitch he did not burn upon death and is still in my gallery (this is in no way a dig at the devs, of whom I have made my admiration very clear for before, both for their coding excellence, and willingness to answer my many, probably obvious technical questions). I consider my vNFT an old friend now and thought I would give him one last day in the sun. In a similar fashion to V1 of the game, to take part, one needs to wrap their chosen NFT in 90 $Royal.

As with all ETH interactions with a new D’App, one will need to give permission for the platform to communicate with your wallet (or new currency), and then give a second confirmation to spend the new currency (or any other) on the new platform. Now that the ETH 2.0 Serenity forks are underway the gas is more than tolerable, especially considering the size of the prize pot, which currently stands at just under 10 ETH. The winner is the last man (woman/creature/abstract whatever NFT one chooses). Below is an excerpt from the NFT20 Medium post on the game, explaining the role or $Royal in the game.

You enter the game with your NFT, you’ll get 72 hours of TOD (time until you die) and you’ll be earning ROYAL tokens every second.

  1. Someone attacks you 10 times (they get lots of ROYAL tokens) and lower your TOD to 8 hours.
  2. you need to to get more TOD by burning ROYAL before your time of death reaches 0.
  3. When your time of death reaches 0, you are eliminated from the game and you get your NFT back.
  4. You can claim your earned ROYAL at any time.
  5. The longest living pet in the game will get the ETH prize pot.
  6. You can rejoin the game with another NFT at any time.

The fun and danger starts with attacks. These cost anything between .001eth (plus gas) and 1 ETH. These attacks take away varying amounts of life from your chosen victim, as well as giving you more $Royal, which you can expend to extend your own lifespan. The prize pot is distributed as follows:

  1. 80% to the longest living player.
  2. 10% goes to the team.
  3. 10% will be distributed to MUSE holders

As you can see from the above prize distribution this will be highly profitable to both $Muse holders, the winner will be in Lambo land by the time the game finishes, and the devs get some well deserved pay to go on creating more solidity/substrate brilliance. I was last in, and did not last long, but I was just playing for the sake of this article and my love of everything that the Very Nifty team do. If you can claim the airdrop and have enough ETH to throw at this you can do some high level attacks, take down the big boys, and even achieve a rug pull ……”Can I rug pull?

“YES, there is a rug pull function in the contract (only accessible from Etherscan), anyone that holds over 69% of the supply of Royal can execute that function and he will end the game and take the prize. Don’t let anyone rug pull!.”

Every $Muse holder benefits from participation., and you can have some fun taking people out. I loved it, but don’t make my mistake and take your eyes off it for more than a few hours unless you have enough life in you to survive all but the most serious attacks. Get involved if you can, and for me take down whoever killed me off.

Written by : Benny Steele

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