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We are always excited to hear about new projects and protocols alike through our email and social media channels. Once film director Zach Lona contacted the team we had to get involved. NFT protocols and progression, are areas that we need to explore further in our articles. As side chains, not ETH killers (as some shill them), rather ETH complementary systems come online, it can be hard to keep up. InfiNFT looks like a disruptive force in the NFT metadata game. To summarise “InfiNFT is a token minting platform that allows users to create their own NFTs with fully on-chain metadata. Our focus on token integrity will ensure that your creations will be around as long as the blockchain underpinning them”. It takes advantage of IPFS, the protocol (please leave comments if I am incorrect, it happens) first taken advantage of by another disruptive market force of late, FileCoin. As expressed in previous articles NFTs are still in their infancy. Just 3 years and 6 months young. In the current ERC721, the 6 months odd older sibling to the multiple ERC1155 standard, conceived before the heady days of pre-side chain tech, these data limits would have been restricted to the dreams of those incarcerated due to mental incapacity. It now looks like this may well become the “new normal” for the industry, in time.

It is with great pleasure that we now present the answers given, by our subject to the generic questions to which we present our project articles:

1) How did the project get started? Give us your timeline with commentary.

Our movie He Who Lives In Hidden Lakes is the first full-length feature film minted as a 1-of-1 ERC-721 with on-chain metadata, and the tokenomics introduce a completely new use-case for NFT’s in the form of a never-before-seen way to distribute indie films.

The mockumentary’s central concept is the HIDDEN MAN, a magical cryptid that might just be a homeless guy. It’s a fun ride! We started filming scenes in 2018, with the main shoot taking place in June 2019. The movie was completely finished in the second half of 2020, and in February 2021 my co-producer Anthony Gibson and I had a lightbulb moment in the form of this NFT model.

2) Tell us how your team got together and a bit about yourselves.

We’re a homegrown Chicago-local production. The city’s film industry is small but tight-knit. Our shoot was simultaneously exhilarating and nightmarish, but I think anyone who was on-set will tell you it was a very special experience that we’re all proud of. As far as NFTs, Anthony and I have always wanted to incorporate crypto into the project, if only on account of “crypto” and “cryptid” pairing up nicely (lol). But nothing really stuck until we realized how we could use NFTs in a way that no one else has done before.

3) Any plans/Do you have your own token? If so please run over the tokenomics.

Yes, the single-edition token was minted from my own contract address ($LONA), and all of the mechanics are captured on-chain directly within the token’s metadata thanks to the InfiNFT platform.

  • The collector receives 50% of the movie’s streaming revenue. This utility transfers with secondary sales.
  • Token sale is the only thing that triggers the film’s public release. No sale, no one is ever seeing it. The collector has the prestige of bringing it to the world.
  • Includes a gorgeous 1-of-1 physical edition of the movie with NFC-enabled token authentication.

Our token has what serious collectors look for: scarcity, utility, provenance, historicity. I believe this is how all of the highest-quality movies will be released in the future.

5) Give us some of your NFT and Crypto inspirations/ other projects/ artists that you follow.

PUNKS Comic by Pixel Vault is an excellent project merging NFTs and DeFi, and I think the models they’re implementing are the future of media IPs. My early career ambitions were in conceptual art, so I am enamoured with the ways artists like SHL0MS and Accursed Share are using NFTs as a serious conceptual medium. I look to visionary creators like these who deeply understand NFTs and push them to the limit of their present capacity.

6) Please provide good high res graphics or other decals that you would like on the banner and embedded in the article.

7) Anything else you think pertinent that your public will want to read about in relation to the subject.

We’re in this not to make some quick cash, but to change the course of the film industry altogether. Hollywood has proven itself stagnant. We envision a cinema culture where independent filmmakers and their collectors are the ones who ensure that audiences receive the high-quality movies they deserve. I truly believe that the NFT model we’ve invented can innovate the filmmaking industry at a scale not seen since the 1990s.

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OpenSea listing

OLD OpenSea listing before minting the ERC721

Movie landing page

Prepared for publication by : Benny Steele. Answers by Zach Lona 


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