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The team behind the $EDDA token, with its comprehensive DeFi ecosystem EDDASwap. Already including staking and NFT farming. With artists commissioned to make some of the finest crypto art in the industry. Including requisitions from the gaming world. Now with redeemable mintings, using Virtual Reality (VR) devices, such as Oculus headsets. As per the roadmap, a Cross-chain Decentralised Exchange (DEX) was offered up in late June 21. The expanded team of full-stack developers consistently surpass themselves, with their ability to deliver in this technologically dynamic industry. Responding to community requests for improved usability.

Mad Trooper is a complementary venture. Another brainchild of EDDASwap CEO Mike (Mehul) Patel, onboarding trusted and tested team members, co-working with specialist consultants and digital artists. $EDDA holders are able to apply (see pinned message) for an Airdrop in October. The adventure is on the Solana network. In the words of the developers of the disruptive network. “Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.”

The drop will be exclusive to the Mad Trooper homepage. Secondary sales will only occur on the DigitalEyes marketplace, the link to which can be found in the image below.

The intricate premise, upon which The Mad Trooper Metaverse is based, was from CEO Mike Patels long term admiration for the reality created and expanded by George Lucas’  Star Wars franchise. As you will see from this tweet, exists an obvious affection for the Sci-Fi genre. Combined with the drive, ability and team able to create something groundbreaking, in an idiom of its own.

“The year is 2177. Humanity has conquered the solar system, with settlements on Earth, Mars, and in the metaverse. But the future of the human race is threatened by an invasion from an intergalactic alien species that seeks to destroy humanity. Left with no option but all-out war, the galactic council has assembled a valiant army to challenge the invading aliens and defend the solar system. Heralded as the “MadTroopers”, the army consists of 8,888 MadTroopers, consisting of the most feared warriors in the galaxy, wearing outfits that are absolutely batshit crazy.”

There are four ranks of trooper that you could potentially recruit into your wallet to get yourself started on the road to saving the future of the human race. But it goes deeper than these four echelons. “Each MadTrooper is completely unique and has been algorithmically generated to possess special attributes and traits. Additionally, hidden within the army are a few mythical warriors that are more powerful, and definitely more batshit crazy, than the other MadTroopers.”

Within the realms of a galactic war of this gravity. Where my species territory was under attack, as well as its extinction on the horizon, I’d like to be out there, safe in the knowledge that I had a huge weapon. The commanders are equipped with their Galactic Gun. They have earned the right to wield, after their years of veteran service to the race. I’d be very happy with that. However, the Legendary Masters, the most double hard, battle galvanised beings you could want on the squad, could have the Golden Galactic Gun, and Golden Laser Spear, the most fierce weapons in the Mad Trooper arsenal.

There are myriad other accessories to crave and get excited about. Remember each Mad Trooper is different. No two are the same, that is part of the fun and excitement, they all have a part to play, in the coup de grace, the war to end all wars….

Sep 2021
MadTroopers Launch
The MadTrooper Army assembles! 8,888 MadTrooper NFTs minted on the home page and rarity factors “verifeyed” on DigitalEyes

Sep 2021 
MadTrooper Soundtrack
MadTrooper Official Soundtrack

Oct 2021
MadTroopers Airdrop100 MadTrooper NFTs will be airdropped to, lucky winning holders of DegenApes Academy NFTs and EDDA Tokens

Dec 2021
MadTroopers Merchandise
Exclusive MadTroopers Merchandise

Dec 2021
360-VR NFTs
Ultra-rare, 360-VR MadTrooper NFTs

Feb 2022
MadTrooper Game
MadTroopers Video Game

The video game at the end of the Road Map is keeping me awake at night. The possibilities are almost unthinkable. If we consider how far the NFT medium has come in the past 6 months. The size of files that can be stored, deploying protocols like IPFS and InfiNFT, making the recent 30 MB limits, used for storing GIFS and MP4s, akin to comparing a floppy disk to a solid-state hard drive. Play to earn games are on-chain, with NFTs differing in qualities. That can be used for siring,  be sold or monetised in some other way, have been around no more than a few years. 

With Mad Trooper, we have a multi-disciplined team, who have already proven themselves in product delivery. Taking advantage of the latest tech, on the cutting edge of the market. It is going to be an exciting 5 months watching this develop. Please don’t miss the drop. Get involved with our social media channels. Join the revolution be A Mad Trooper.

Written by : Benny Steele

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