NFT Radar Presents – Rascals NFT: Dropping 21st November 2021

Rascals NFT, dropping on 21st Nov 21 is a unique collection of 1500 hand drawn Solana NFTs built around a model to represent maximum buyer value. With built-in functions to inspire confidence in the integrity of the development team, as well future gains for holders. The initial mint price is a very reasonable 0.4 $Sol per token. After a 24 hour period any unsold Rascals will be burned, thus increasing the scarcity and future value/resale potential of the sold tokens. One of the most confidence-inspiring elements that I have ever seen built into an NFT mint offering is the buyback guarantee. Aptly named “Paperhands Protection”, whereby participants in the mint can request a 75% refund on the purchase price. The refunded tokens are then burned further adding to the scarcity of the remaining Rascals.

After the mint, there will be a number of rewards, some pre-announced others to be drip-fed to the community to keep the diaspora engaged and hodling.  A couple of token holder bonuses’ listed below are taken from the website

$FCKU Airdrop

Every Rascal NFT holder will receive an airdrop of 1,000,000 $FCKU tokens if they are holding on our snapshot date (sometime between 1 and 2 weeks after public mint). $FCKU tokens will be given value through our Solana NFT launchpad. $FCKU token will have ‘rug-pull protection’ smart contract integration, and we are working on getting our token audited to provide even more security to our community.

Moonverse NFT Launchpad is a Solana NFT launchpad that will be live within 2-3 weeks of our public mint on the 21st November 2021. $FCKU token and Rascal NFT holders will get access to heavily discounted pre-sale NFT collections. We will audit every collection on our Launchpad to keep our community safe.

The project already has an active and friendly Discord community who clearly support the project and love the art behind it. Early and active members will be shortlisted to take part in exclusive giveaways and even have the opportunity to design their own Rascals. As with any NFT project, the dev team will be welcoming participation and encourage any ideas that enrich the user experience for all.

Post mint the team have secured secondary marketplaces on established markets Solsea, Digital Eyes and Magic Eden.

Part of the main drive of the project is to ensure the deflationary nature of the asset. An unbelievable 100% of royalties will be utilised for the buyback and burn of Rascals that are priced at the floor value. Rising the value of the remaining tokens and increasing demand by decreasing supply.

“Utility is coming to Rascals in many forms! $FCKU token will be airdropped to all Rascals holders who are holding during our snapshot sometime between public mint and December. We have created a launchpad for Solana NFTs which will give $FCKU holders discounted and early access to new NFT projects every week.

Our team is here for the long run and we want to see our community benefit from the work we put into Rascals!”

This really does seem like a project with so much to offer and so much potential. The affordable .4 $Sol purchase price, along with the buyback guarantee, the floor-sweeping from royalties. As well as token drops and launchpad, in the writers’ opinion make this offering look like an opportunity not to be missed. There are still a few days until the mint. So as always DYOR, check out the social media channels and come to your own conclusions. From my interactions with the team, they seem like a sincere group of people who are out there to offer something different but offer the consumer confidence that few startups in this marketplace do.

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Written by : Benny Steele


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