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GolemZ is a new NFT venture dropping on February 8th 2022 by Ricardo, the founder of IsmToys, an upcoming project, specialising in the fabrication of custom toys for artists and influencers. Allowing for “fans to display their idols and heroes to help spice up any room or shelf desired”. Each creation is bespoke and painted by hand ensuring quality……. “We hold ourselves to high customer service and product quality so you can show your love and support to your favourite artist/influencer. We have worked with many artists like 6lack and Russ who are both satisfied with the services and collectables we’ve provided. These items sold out within 10 minutes of launching with requests for more!” GolemZ is in association with Trimorph Creative Studios, an International media production company with a professional team of Directors, Artists, and Designers around the world. Partnering to produce superior audio and video content.

The initial offering from the team at GolemZ, is the launch of the Genesis collection on February 8th 2022. It is a release of 888 Elemental (see traits and characteristics below) GolemZ. Each NFT will be accompanied by a matching 3D printed hand-painted figure. The Genesis range proceeds a further release of 8888 pieces by the end of Q1 2022. The design of the Genesis collection is to create a blueprint for future mintings in the range.

Genesis Summary – 

  • Each NFT is unique
  • Each NFT is paired with a Physical hand-painted designer toy (matching PFP) 5-inch toy
  • Each Toy microchip tagged, 3d Model Included
  • 0.1 Eth Mint Price

From the 888 Mints, there will be – 

  • 38 Ancient Elementals
  • 170 Fire Elemental GolemZ
  • 170 Earth Elemental GolemZ
  • 170 Metal Elemental GolemZ
  • 170 Wood Elemental GolemZ

As well as being able to realise your GolemZ in the form of a unique 3D printed toy, the mintings will be accompanied by a comic book series. Revealing the lore behind GolemZ, as influenced by the community and distributed via NFTs.

There will also be limited/numbered toy lines available based on the Comic books and in collaboration with other NFT projects exclusive to Comic holders.

The GolemZ vision is the marriage of high-quality NFTs with high quality, hand-painted collectable toys. Supported by exciting lore to embrace the fast developing Metaverse. 

To get involved please join the projects social media channels as listed below.

Tik Tok        
IsmToys Twitter    
GolemZ Website       
IsmToys Website     
Trimorph Website


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