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My Night in the Desert – A Groundbreaking Piece of NFT Poetry.

My Night in the Desert is a spoken word, animated and illustrated poem from David Jones, an internationally best selling author followed by over 280,000 poetry lovers on Instagram. The media rich piece is a landmark for NFT poetry. More than just a poem, it reveals the unlimited potential of NFT poetry as a new artistic medium.

My Night in the Desert can be collected on OpenSea

Digital art may still dominate the NFT space but poetry is the up and coming medium of the moment. As its popularity soars, David Jones’ new video piece exemplifies the creative potential of NFT poems. It merges spoken word poetry with illustration and animation to convey readers on a poetic journey through the writer’s world and their own imaginations. This mixed media approach creates a fully immersive experience for the reader, sweeping them away to the desert where they’ll wander beneath the blazing sun and icy moon.

“The poem is about something I think we’ve all experienced in our lives: searching for purpose. It explores our ongoing search for meaning and reason in an absurdist and seemingly nonsensical world. The journey through the desert is our journey through life. We search for a purpose that may or may not exist, all the while wondering what lies on the other side of the obliterating horizon at the end of the journey. It asks how we find meaning in our existence and whether the search itself might be purpose enough.

It’s also a mix of old and new. Spoken word poetry is the oldest form around. Early Greek and classical poetry was performed orally and rarely if ever written down. Illustration and animation are more modern techniques. Minting on the blockchain is new/future tech. The piece exists at a juncture in time; a meeting point between past, present and future. I couldn’t be more proud of it, it’s my favourite piece that I’ve created.”

A mingling of poetry and visuals, traditional and modern, past and future, the poem blurs the boundaries between poetry and NFT fine art. It’s a single edition and the collector will receive a framed print from the poem, a unique collectable to commemorate the launch and serve as a reminder that our search for meaning in life is never-ending. Collectors are free to choose which still frame they would like or receive one of the writer’s choosing. 

My Night in the Desert isn’t about recreating traditional poetry on the blockchain. It’s about using technology to push the boundaries of what a poem can be. NFTs allow writers to realise their visions in a deeper, more meaningful way than ever before. By incorporating visual elements, Jones can quite literally bring the world of the poem to life. The deep reds, dusky sunset embers and frigid moonlight scenes are deeply evocative. They encourage the reader to dream and tap into their imaginative senses.

By collecting this, the first spoken-word piece minted by Jones after a series of sold-out, purely text based poems, collectors gain access to a poetical universe that will grow as more pieces are released. The poem isn’t a one-off mint. It’s the start of a poetic journey that will change how poetry is created, curated and consumed. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of literary and NFT history, from a writer with a long term eye on changing the poetic landscape. Jones aims to release full novels as NFTs in the future and in doing so reshape the literary world. This piece is part of a wider movement, which is perhaps why it resonates so strongly. 

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David Jones has always been fascinated by how literature fits into the digital era. He published his first writing in 2011 and rapidly rose to prominence on the microblogging site tumblr. As well as amassing over 150,000 followers, his poems were frequently shared by fellow writers and celebrities. His writing became even more popular on Instagram, where his poems and quotes are read by over 280,000 followers. A keen novelist and playwright, his NFT journey is only just beginning.


My Night in the Desert.

Onwards, ever onwards,
Into that great beyond
That lies just past the desert;
Neither sea nor sand,
Speech or thought,
Waking or dreaming –

The unformed undotted
Question mark that promises
A reason, after all –
Laughs and pours a
Drink a slap on the back
A ruddy faced drunken gurn –

“You see! It all made sense
In the end a reason for everything 
No suffering without salvation
No effect without cause
Not a single atom unaccounted for!
You might call it God or Something
Else but pretty reassuring I’m sure 
I’m sure I’m sure…”

Staggering between the cacti,
My bloated Santa Claus on a 
Dust swept summer night.

What special tar black sticky sweet candy is
This, that promises reason
Amongst absurdity,
Logic wrapped in nonsense wrappers?

What longed for oblivion really 
Cries out on the fringe, what 
Lost pied piper child, what craved
For aching dark what taste of dirt
What what what –

Onwards, ever onwards
Into the great beyond 
That lies just past the desert;
Neither sea or sand,
Speech or thought
Waking or dreaming –

On and on, and 
Ever on.

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