NFT Radar – Players Have Earned $1,000,000 in the Metaverse is an NFT metaverse mapped to the real world, where players can buy, sell, and trade digital properties. They have been breaking records in recent months, and have just hit a new milestone.$1 million worth of NFTs, have been either bought, sold, or traded between Upland users. This means that players have earned $1,000,000 by participating in the Upland Metaverse Economy.

Upland’s economy is powered by UPX, our in-game coin which lets players engage in a variety of in-game activities. Everything in the metaverse is scaled to real-world economics. UPX has a fixed rate of $1 to 1,000 UPX. However, as the platform does include a real economy, we have partnered with the financial division of Linden Lab (creators of Second Life). To allow a new feature, called “Property to USD”. Using this feature, players may sell their virtual properties and items for either UPX OR fiat (e.g. USD). Upland’s goal is to be powered by the latest innovations in tech, with a streamlined user interface accessible to all. Focused around commerce, entertainment and personal connections. Entering Upland, you are transferred to an alternate reality where the geography and even the street addresses around you may be the same – but everything else can be manipulated.

Upland currently has in-game locations in various US cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Oakland, Cleveland, and other smaller cities spread across the United States, with more on the way. Each property in the Upland metaverse is a non-fungible token (NFT) on the EOS blockchain, giving the users true ownership of their properties. Property development is also being rolled out, and players can now build on their property parcels with Upland’s unique, stakeable, Spark token, which creates a unique NFT structure, built on their owned land.

Upland’s approach to a free market economy means that players can flip property NFTs and make informed decisions about their property buying strategy. Soon, players will also be able to start their own businesses to enable greater economic activity, supporting real-world earnings. Real laws of supply-and-demand are already taking hold in Upland, and the metaverse will continue to evolve, as more features, partnerships and collaborations develop.

The NFT Portal Beta is officially LIVE which means players can start importing their Upland Collectible assets from the WAX blockchain into the Upland ecosystem! This is a huge achievement for the Upland team and a critical innovation in the blockchain space that gives true meaning to the word “metaverse.” that will enable players to port their gaming assets both in and out of the Upland metaverse. This will allow for the trading of NFT assets from anywhere with added exposure to new markets that are both lucrative and accessible for everyone, not just blockchain aficionados.This is something that has never been seen before in the world of gaming. Imagine for a second that your Fortnite or World of Warcraft assets were suddenly able to be taken out of the game and used (or sold) elsewhere. This means that these assets have far more utility beyond their original use, and potentially makes them more valuable.

layers have seen incredible returns by making strategic property purchases and later selling these properties for a profit. When asked how players’ net worth has changed over time, player BEN68 recalled that his net worth had grown “From 4,000UPX when [he] started in January 2020, to 64,500,000UPX in June 2021.” This represents an astonishing 1,612,400% increase in his net worth! GreenTurtle, another Uplander, reported only investing $5 into the platform and has realized gains of over 100,000%.

This is just the beginning of the Upland metaverse. The Property-to-USD beta facilitates trade between players with real US dollars, allowing them to also earn fiat currency from their in-game assets. This enables Upland’s Play-to-Earn gaming model, which gives players the unique opportunity to see real-life returns from their strategy and ingenuity.

Here are some of the roadmap achievements from Q2 2021 to look forward to:

Leasing Upland Utility NFTs and Paying Uplanders for Services

in Progress

A new type of value proposition for utility NFT owners in Upland, such as a place for residence, a car or a business license will be the ability to lease these NFTs for the use of other Uplanders. This win-win mechanic will provide an avenue for another source of income for owners, as well as more options for players to participate in the metaverse even if they don’t have the necessary resources to own these assets. Moreover, as more elaborate building-block mechanics take form in the metaverse, new opportunities will emerge for Uplanders to pay other Uplanders for performing various services.

True Movement Speed

in Progress

As of today, Block Explorers move between properties via send action at a constant duration regardless of the travel distance (in other words, the speed of travel for the Block Explorers varies according to the distance). When True Movement Speed is implemented, the timing of the sequence of sending your Block Explorer (BE) will depend on the physical distance between your BE and the destination.

Partnerships and Brands


The Upland team is actively working to get well-recognized partners and brands (from outside the blockchain or crypto-related market) to participate in the metaverse. 2021 may see the first fruits of these efforts.

Pro Tools

in Progress

Upland will provide statistics and trends about properties within the game and reports for transactions made by the player as well as information about market transaction history. This will give players easy access to important information about the market and their activity.

Airline Terminal Fee Simulation

in Progress

Airplane NFTs and Airlines are some of the most fun and exciting businesses that will be introduced in the Upland metaverse in the future (but not in 2021) and provide airport terminal owners operational revenue. Until that point, those operational fees will start being simulated and distributed to terminal owners as a percentage taken from airfare, which is currently transferred in full to the community UPX pool.


in Progress

Arcades will be the first test case in Upland for 3rd party developer integration, allowing web-based game developers to integrate their games with the owners’ business. As the necessary preparations for 3rd party development may start in 2021, we predict that arcades as businesses will be fully released later on.

Realty Agencies

in Progress

Realty agencies will offer Uplanders advertising services such as advanced listings for property sales and residential properties for rent. Realty agencies will also offer advanced trading options such as creating property bundles for sale in a single transaction and selling complete collections.

Upland Merchandise Stores

in Progress

Owners of Upland merchandise stores will be able to maintain an inventory and sell Upland merchandise to other players. Legit Upland merchandise will not be available for purchase anywhere else but inside of Upland, and the physical merchandise will be delivered in the real world. Some of the merchandise will be made available in limited runs and tokenized, offering the customer the option to stow the physical merchandise in Upland escrow while still being able to trade the token of ownership.

To register for Upland, visit this link to gain a 6,000 UPX starting bonus which will get your property portfolio off to a strong start. Upland is available on iOS, Android and the Web, and can be played from anywhere in the world. To stay up to date on all things Upland, follow the project on Twitter and join their 30,000 member-strong Discord here.

Compiled by : Benny Steele


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